Non-resident Trophy Antelope Special Licences are available through an outfitter or through a draw. The publisher is responsible for the content of this publication, and is licensed by Alberta Environment and Parks to publish the summary of the hunting regulations contained herein. Non-residents using the services of an outfitter must be guided by a Big Game Designated Guide. Contact a Fish and Wildlife office for more information or go to These licences are valid for 2 black bears if the outfitter’s allocation is valid for a WMU where the Supplemental Black Bear Licence is valid (i.e., 2-bear areas).

Resident game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Wildlife Certificate and: Non-resident (Canadian) game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Wildlife Certificate and: Non-resident Alien game bird hunters require a WiN card and a Non-Resident Alien Wildlife Certificate and: NOTE: The 5% federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not included in the costs listed below. Please refer to the sections that deal with Non-resident (Canadian) Licence Availability (page 22) and Outfitting and Guiding Requirements (page 18). The course is intended to increase outdoor safety, awareness, skills and efficiency and to develop responsible attitudes in the field. A Resident Adult may obtain only one of the first two licences. To purchase an Alberta sportfishing licence online, you will need: a valid credit card (Visa, MasterCard or American Express) an email address (to receive up-to-date information about Alberta regulations) a Wildlife Identification Number (WIN). must accompany the hunter(s) named on his or her Hunter Host Licence while they are hunting big game under the authority of the Hunter Host Licence.

Copyright 2020 AppAdvice LLC. To purchase a licence, which requires tags online, you must have a pre-numbered tag(s) before you begin your purchase process. This licence is only valid in the following WMUs where 2 black bear licences may be used: 224, 250, 258, 260, 320-360, 429, 445, 500-544 and 841. a Game Bird Licence and a Pheasant Licence to hunt pheasant. Once you have purchased your Hunter Host Licence, the hunters may purchase their licences. As of 2002, drawn applicants cannot reapply in future years (once-in-a-lifetime opportunity).

Must be the holder of a valid WiN and Hunter Host Licence (below). By registering on the site individuals can purchase their licences. This licence is only valid during the Cypress Hills Elk Archery Licence season, Sept. 1 - Oct. 15; WMU 116, 118 and 119. I bought a fishing license today on the “new” Alberta RELM website. To Designate a Partner – The Partner Licence is available online at or at any licence issuer. Licences are sold through private licence issuers or online at. This levy goes to the Alberta Conservation Association for programs. A Hunter Host who plans to take a non-resident alien hunting must do the following: NOTE: The 5% federal Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not included in the costs listed below. In such cases, the Fish and Wildlife conducts lotteries or draws among eligible applicants for a limited number of special licences. Partner Licences are also available to resident seniors if designated by the holder of any special licence. With the exception of short quotations for review purposes, no portion of this document may be reproduced without written permission from Alberta Environment and Parks or Sports Scene Publications Incorporated. may host a maximum of two (2) hunters/year, either Non-residents (Canadian), Non-resident Aliens or a combination thereof. Relatives are defined as father, brother, son, uncle, nephew, grandfather, grandson, son-in-law, brother-in-law (and female equivalents) of the Hunter Host or spouse of the Hunter Host. Licensing requirements for first-time hunters.

The Partner Licence is valid for the same WMU and season as the Special Licence. Non-residents contracting a hunt with a Big Game Outfitter-guide, Non-resident Aliens contracting a hunt with a Big Game Outfitter, Outfitting and Guide Requirements for Non-Residents, Non-Resident (Canadian) Licence Availability, Non-Resident (Canadian) Licence Costs and Combinations, Non-Resident Alien Licence Costs and Combinations, Additional Special Licence Draw Hunts.

The Non-resident Alien and intended Hunter Host, if not related, must initiate an application at a. The following Partner Licences are available: is a website for hunters and anglers. Subject to the age limitations and conditions above, a resident 10 to 17 years of age may purchase a Resident Youth Wildlife Certificate, including a Game Bird Licence, for $8.30. big game, wolf and coyote must be accompanied by a licensed guide or a Hunter Host. A Non-resident who killed a sheep in 2019 may not purchase a Trophy Sheep Special Licence in 2020.

may host Non-resident Aliens only if the host has not hosted a Non-resident Alien in the previous two (2) fiscal years (April 1 to March 31). Licensing requirements for first-time hunters A Resident Adult may obtain one of each of these 16 licences (excluding the Youth licences). a Game Bird and Pheasant Licence to hunt pheasant; A Resident Youth may obtain only 1 of these 2 licences. A Non-resident may obtain four different licences from this list of nine, but not more than one licence for any one species. Hunters wishing to hunt with a bow and arrow must also purchase a Bowhunting Permit (not required for hunting with a cross-bow). A Non-resident may obtain only one of these three licences. an outfitted game bird licence is required to hunt game birds using the services of an outfitter. A report must be submitted even if the hunter doesn’t harvest an animal. The intended partner may then purchase a Wildlife Certificate and the appropriate Partner Licence. Special licences allow successful applicants to hunt a specific type of game (e.g., antlerless elk) in defined areas during a specified season. For Online Purchases: For proper use of this site, you need to enable javascript in your browser! A Resident Adult may obtain only one of the first three licences. If you don’t have a WIN, you can apply for a Wildlife Identification Number online (or renew a a Game Bird Licence and a Federal Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit to hunt waterfowl. If hosting 2 Non-resident Aliens, at least 1 must be a relative. If a youth turns 18 during the hunting season, they can continue to hunt using their valid licence. Traffic Summary.

SUNRISE/SUNSET TABLE  |  FURTHER INQUIRIES  |  REPORT A POACHER, Aspira manages the sale of all recreational hunting and fishing licences in Alberta. Prior to purchasing any licence, each hunter must possess a valid WiN (scroll up for more information regarding the WiN - Wildlife Identification Number) and a Wildlife Certificate, which costs $28.22. To purchase an online licence you will need a valid credit card, an email address, access to a computer with an internet connection and a printer to print your licences. Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Information for Alberta To view Alberta's current hunting, fishing or trapping regulations online, simply click on one of the covers.

Aspira manages the sale of all recreational hunting and fishing licences in Alberta. Store all your AlbertaRELM hunting and fishing licences here for convenient licence management. See Outfitting and Guiding Requirements. Have the Non-resident Alien sign the application including statutory declaration) and have his or her signature sworn.If the Non-resident Alien does not have a WiN, have them complete a WiN profile online at this time. Wildlife Identification Number (WiN)


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