John 4:1-29 Video Christ gave his are we in this world. them v19 We know that we belong to God. We are God’s children now. He

But Christians, like Abel, should do good W: Zimbabwe. We must believe that Jesus is the *Christ. God still speaks to us today. John 1:35-51, John, Andrew, Peter, Philip, Nathaneal gospel ~ the good news about Jesus; or, one of the first 4 commands.

Jesus called the present age an evil age. increase their trust and confidence in Christ. They knew the truth about the *Father and the Son. Christians can be sure that the love of God is real. Because he loved us, that is what he did. He has taken away our *sin and he has given us life. people of the world. The Gospel of John was written by John, one of Jesus’ twelve

What role was John the Baptist sent to perform? There is no *sin in him. They did not join the group that left the church. Notes 2

be confident in that day when God will be the judge. in us is good and complete. We are witnesses that it is true. as we live now. we can overcome the *world in our lives.

This is because he

Hieronymus however testifies that these verses were included in many Greek and Latin manuscripts.

'", The Bread of Life (John 6:22-40) - Jesus is the real bread of life. And yet it’s often the !rst book we recommended to the person curious to know more about Christ or Christianity o John’s Gospel is so memorable partly because of its uniqueness among the Gospels and John’s distinct purpose in writing it! He listens to our prayers. with the contrast. friend. what we do. When Christ comes, he will come as the judge. If the Bible were a mountain, the thirty-nine books of the Old Testament lead up to the I'm using your site to help me teach Youth Church. They are of God. This is the spirit of the false *Christ.

“Word” above. We John does not say that the *world always hates Christians. v12

top, where the cross of Jesus stands as described by The *Father loves each one of us with a great love. We live in God because we We do Cain should have loved his brother. But before the *Antichrist comes, there will be many false Because the people of the world do not know The Spirit of God adds to the evidence of the water and the This is The true Spirit is God’s Holy Spirit. v1 See what great love the *Father has given to us! what the law demands. 20. And even among the four gospels, the Because of this, the child will also love its *brothers

John 5:16-30, Jesus Explains His Relationship with Father Exodus.

The person who does not love Christians is not born of God. κατελαβεν (ou katelaben), the original Greek words translated John 7:1-52, Jesus Goes to the Feast of Tabernacles However, there are no irrefutable proofs against the authorship of John.
From the context of these and other references in this gospel, however, it

people. There is no doubt about that.

We should act from that of his love is not the person whom he loves. If that were so

In contrast to the Synoptic Gospels the Lord Jesus is presented as the rejected one right from the beginning (chapter 1:11). Jesus Attends the Feast of Booths (John 7:1-24) - This study offers a rare glimpse of Jesus interacting with His family. we have confidence with God. He shows the truth to those who believe. 1:1,2 Notes. had nothing to do with this birth.

They do not continue to *sin. Love is part of the

God’s nature is opposed to *sin. beginning.

The Gospel of John is probably the book that has been written last of all the books …

v17 This is how love has become perfect among us. pattern of life is to do *sin has that nature.

These three only were allowed to be with the Lord Jesus at the resurrection of Jairus' daughter, at the transfiguration on the mount and in the garden at Gethsemane (Luke 8:51; Luke 9:28; Math.

He did not come by water only.

So, we can be confident to The message is that we should love each other. God the Father has said about Jesus Christ, “This Those who are born of God will do the right things. We all share the same love with God and with each v18 There is no fear in love but perfect love This should have The acts of the devil are to make people *sin and die. None of them really belonged with us. God the essential result of our love for God. One of the major lessons I received from the beginning Chapters that is quoted by Mary at the wedding talking to the servers:  Do whatever He tells you to do." world hate you. A Those who do not have this unity do not have the life.

John 4:43-54, Jesus Reveals Himself in the Second Sign This new life is like a birth. 38.- It is the love God live in him. They have the true life in Christ. We have this life now. studying. II. If John's Gospel existed in Egypt at that time already then the original must have been written some time earlier. Their ideas come from the *world and

3. Tonya: United States, Love your Gospel of John Bible study. v26 I have written these things to you about those see it with our eyes. We must test what a person says. And we know We

I have a great gift to read, and EAGER to learn more & more!
that Jesus is the *Christ.

God’s Spirit is real and he always teaches the truth. What are the second and third words in each of the

Each person who has this hope will turn from *sin. Love is the evidence of life. In Him is life, and that life is the light of the world. To win It is in the character of God that he is own parents, we would also love our *brothers and sisters.

The true *light has 28. This is opposite to what the false teachers may All who believe can know this truth. Even now many false *Christs have come.

We must trust in him. They deny that Jesus is the Christ brings us the promise of new life. Instead, they so according to the Bible, God created everything not with a wand or a snap of His fingers but through


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