Forward these requests (all parts) to the unit for approval. ... Leave Sell Back: Enlisted personnel with more than 120 days of leave accrued may, on a one-time basis, sell back up to 30 days of leave in excess of the 120-day limit. NOTE: Leave status is not necessarily chargeable leave. They call the amount you will lose “use or lose leave” and commanders get in a lot of trouble if members lose their leave, so leadership watches this closely. g. Block 22. First Day/Time of Leave Status. I received the convalescent leave paperwork from the clinic to upload into LeaveWeb. 2. a. Leave Accrual. US or other military? I further consent to such withholding at a rate sufficient to satisfy, this indebtedness no later than my requested or projected separation date, and understand that this could result in the withholding of 100% of any current pay, final. b. Friday is a day of duty and Thursday is the last day of leave if the leave approving, authority determines the member performed the majority (over 50%) of scheduled duty on, 5. The unit commander normally approves convalescent leave, to include any associated and cleared travel, up to 30 days based on the recommendations by either the MTF authority or the attending physician most familiar with the member’s medical condition.

(For example: base baseball team. Leave Authorization Number. Advance Leave. See also Part III, Instructions for Charging Leave. Convalescent Leave. Note: During short absences of the unit commander, the commander’s designated representative may approve convalescent leave. convalescent leave. If you are in need of funds, go to the nearest Air force finance office and show this leave form and current Leave and Earnings Statement (LES).

7. If you plan to travel by commercial air at reduced rates, contact the airline to learn what documents you need. endstream endobj startxref If a member requests PTDY:  for traveling to or in the vicinity of a new permanent duty station to secure off-base housing, with a TDY en route, or when authorized to relocate family members to a designated place en route to or returning from an overseas unaccompanied tour. Saturday is a day of leave if the member, regardless of the hour, starts leave or signs for. Before departure, you must have an approved leave authorization (AF Form 988, Leave Request/Authorization) or special order and enough funds for expenses, including costs for travel. Pressing the PRINT button will only print the current page. AFI36-2903 - Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel, AFMAN91-203 AIR FORCE OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY, FIRE, AND HEALTH STANDARDS, AFI36-2406 - Officer and Enlisted Evaluation Systems, (NEW) AFMAN36-2806 - Awards and Memorialization Program, DAFI33-360 - Publications and Forms Management, AFMAN33-361 - Publishing Processes and Procedures, AF673 - Air Force Publication/Form Action Request. Submit the form your doctor gives you in the upload section on leave web, set it to convalescent rather than ordinary, the approving authority is the commander for convalescent leave and will be routed automatically as such when you change it to that. The current version is dated 26 Jul 17. FIRST DAY/TIME OF LV STATUS 12.

The Air Force provides a number of benefits to provide Service members opportunities for time away from their jobs. 15. If the requested leave exceeds the balance to ETS, the leave is excess leave. There are tons of different types of leave in the AFI, but I will just outline the main ones here. The Air Force Departmental Publishing Office provides in-house Adobe Forms Training and an orientation course for Headquarters Air Force Publication Change Managers and Action Officers. This is THE spot to track your leave so it is in your best interest to watch it monthly and make sure it is accruing correctly. No change (Complete subsections C, D and E only), Last day should be corrected (Complete subsections B thru E), Should be cancelled (Complete subsection E only), IF LEAVE WAS EXTENDED, EXTENSION WAS APPROVED BY: TOTAL NUMBER OF DAYS TAKEN (See Block 12, If Space A transportation was used, it was signed up for on. This is the earliest time a member can depart or sign up for space available transportation. Source: took convalescent leave … If not included, the process will be delayed. Blocks 1 thru 5, 9, 12 thru 21, and 23 thru 25 are self-explanatory. It is in your best interest to self-manage your leave before it gets to this point. The Military Parental Leave Program (MPLP) consists of the following forms of non-chargeable leave following a qualifying birth event or adoption for covered Service members: Maternity Convalescent Leave, Primary Caregiver Leave, and Secondary Caregiver Leave. This is non-chargeable which is great. See Figure 3.1 and Figure 3.2 below. c. When you sign up for space-available transportation, you have started a period of leave. 3. 1001. (4) Member must take PTDY days consecutively.
The purpose of this post is to provide you all with a general awareness of the Military Leave Program, i.e., vacation and sick days. The Tongue & Quill has provided generations of Airmen a standardized format for Air Force documents such as Official Memorandums, Point Papers, Personal Letters, and many more. If planned departure is on a. non-duty day, enter the non-duty date and 0001 hours. All rights reserved. INSTRUCTIONS FOR COMPLETING AND PROCESSING PART III ARE PRINTED ON PART III. However, this form will not be processed without your SSN, since the Air Force identifies members by SSN for pay or, (For emergency, reenlistment, convalescent, terminal, appellate review leave, and PTDY, see variations in AFMAN 65-116, Vol 2, Ch 7.). Verify that the member has enough leave balance to cover the period of leave requested. The commander must not approve more than 30 days initial convalescent leave. Comments: (1) Member must have formal assignment notification. The following statements are excerpts pertaining to convalescent leave: AFI36-3003 26 OCTOBER 2009 Military Leave Program: 6.4. Complete Section III of Part III of the original leave request and forward to the unit. Check out the Tongue and Quill document templates located under "Items of Interest' on this page, Stalled publication/form packages in AFIMPT, SECAF Redesignation of Air Force Space Command to United States Space Force.

more than 1 day before the date in block 12. (T-3) Extending convalescent leave beyond 30 days requires additional medical review and consent. Airmen successfully accomplish more missions with fewer people than ever before and there is a constant battle to cover the bases with limited resources. h�b```f``����� h��ǀ |@1V �8�$�_$����/��a`9�J�D���xy9�[ByM2/�H/� B�����F���Y�gO;��.��ܾ�s��F+o\y��4�"���v0su��n��m� I��q>�fzp�c�m�]�m�xk���Ս���1N���l��9�lmkGGG��@L ��$G#������CU�d��= c. Hold Part III for completion after the member's return from leave. BEFORE SEPARATING PARTS I, II, AND III, COMPLETE THE FOLLOWING BLOCKS: a. For PTDY, use approval level required by AFI 36-3003. h. Blocks 26-33. (3) PTDY ends once member secures housing (signs a lease or has a bid offer accepted by the seller) before the authorized 10 days. AFI 36-3003 states members accrue 2.5 days leave for each month of active duty service. LAST DAY OF CHARGEABLE LV, 16. If you require medical or dental treatment while on leave, go to the nearest uniformed services treatment facility. (See.

If the member starts leave or signs up for space-available transportation on Tuesday: Tuesday is a duty day and Wednesday is the first day of leave when the leave approving, authority determines that the member performed the majority (over 50%) of scheduled duty on, Tuesday is the first day of leave if the leave approval authority determines that the member. 3.4.1. If you do the math 2.5 days per month equals 30 days, so that is how we get the 30 days per year number. If the member returns from leave on Saturday, regardless of the hour, Saturday shall not be, Comments: Leave status is not necessarily chargeable leave. residence or home from which the member commutes to the duty station on a daily workday basis. Personally, I have probably never had more than 45 days of leave accumulated.

Casual payments, if authorized, cannot exceed unpaid pay and allowances to date. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. DAYS REQUESTED 10. NO. Blocks are self-explanatory except for blocks 27, 28, and 33. 18 U.S.C. Once you get to your unit just ask around, pretty much everyone is familiar with how it works. %PDF-1.5 %���� space-available transportation on Saturday.


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