It is one of my all-time favorites (been using it for years) but I have misplaced my card; I’ve torn the house apart looking for it. Gail concurs: “There’s a lot on this plate.” But they seem to like the food including Melissa’s fried potatoes, and Gail really digs the dilly beans.

Padma doesn’t hold back and tells Gregory how disappointed she is that his oxtail dish is not on the menu. “The good thing about a taco is that it’s really versatile,” Trejo says. The chefs are fresh off last week’s shocking double elimination where Karen Akunowicz and Nini Nguyen were told they’d have the chance to duke it out in Last Chance Kitchen and get right back into the competition. The mood boards from the previous episodes are in place.

Heat 1/4 cup oil in large skillet and saute chicken in batches (don’t crowd too much) until lightly browned but not cooked through. As the clock winds down, Gregory still hasn’t made his salsa because he’s been struggling to make a perfect tortilla. 1 medium-size yellow onion, chopped (2 cups) 1 small green bell pepper, chopped (1 cup) 2 medium garlic cloves, chopped (2 tsp.) Padma asks her dining companions if they would come back to Kann, and all say yes. “Just one mistake can send you home,” he says. Gregory is handling twice-cooked pork and Lee Anne is doing a salad. Cover and let steep while you prepare the rest of the dish.

She barely gets to say hello before it’s time for a Quickfire challenge. Padma says of Izard’s return after she also appeared in last week’s episode, “We’ve taken her hostage.” Padma then explains their dueling restaurants will be set up right next to each other in one of downtown L.A.’s trendiest dining districts, ROW DTLA. Lee Anne has a ton of things to do the next day and she is homesick. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. He is giving us authentic food from his heart.

Here are the concepts, what the chefs made, and what the judges thought: Restaurant: The Country Captain (Family-style Southern Restaurant), Dish: Braised and roasted curry chicken with bread & butter pickles, hot chow chow. “At that time,” writes Mrs Brumby, “you could not even obtain curry powder locally, and the dish my mother made was, as far as I know, the first party dish of its kind to be served in Georgia. Most link it to officers in India who were called “Country Captains.” Even though Georgia’s “official” state food is grits, there was a time when this simple tomato-and-pepper chicken curry was identified in the State of Georgia, as “Georgia’s state dish.” Writing 34 years ago in “Georgia Heritage: Treasured Recipes,” Mrs. Sewell Marion Brumby claimed that her mother (Mary Hart) created what became known as Country Captain from a recipe she widely adapted from Alessandro Fillipini’s 1880 Delmonico’s cookbook, in the early 1900s. –April 12, 1945”  According to Daisy, “The President had many favorite dishes. 10:42 p.m. Each team gets a bit of a “Reservoir Dogs” walking edit as they stride into their eateries. “I had to walk away from my dish.” She thinks she spent too little time in the dining room and not enough time in the kitchen. The judges seem impressed with how tight the concept seems. But he’s putting a lot of faith in each and every one of us. 11:06 p.m. Kevin’s rather grim-faced team leads the parade into the “Top Chef” kitchen where the judges await. Gail asks if Gregory thinks the Haitian community will embrace these dishes and if he feels they’re “authentic.” He says yes and that there’s room for seasonality within the cuisine. Kevin is using a store-bought taco shell and focusing all of his attention on an al pastor filling. Meanwhile, Kevin looks like he doesn’t know what hit him as he won with his Country Captain, a family-style Southern eatery. Sautee garlic, onion and mushrooms in same pot until onion is translucent. Be sure to make your predictions so that the contestants can see how they’re faring in our racetrack odds. PREDICT NOW: Who Will ‘Dancing With the Stars’? Restaurant: Three Black Crowes (Modern Global Dim Sum), Dish 1: Focaccia dough scallion pancake, dungeness crab salad, yuzu brown butter aioli, Dish 2: Sweet potato dumplings in red curry with kaffir lime peanuts.

Daisy’s chicken preparation instructions were limited to “boil chicken until done” and Mary’s measurements called for “2 large spoonfuls” of this, and “2 tins” of that : ). Gregory races to deliver his fish to the judges himself along with his chicken course.

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Kevin joins her in setting up.

10:34 p.m. Brian goes to check on the front of house details with five hours of prep time remaining. Karen notes she is only doing two dishes because she has to build an entire dining room. 10:47 p.m. Malarkey greets the diners with a smile at Kann while Karen does the same at The Country Captain. Gregory is pitching a Haitian-inspired concept with fresh red snapper and grilled oxtails which sounds amazing. The judges like the food but think it doesn’t match up with Bryan’s idea that it’s going to be an “everyday” restaurant. As Gail waits to be seated, she immediately criticizes the décor for being far more Southern grandma than Country Captain. 11:06 p.m. Kevin’s rather grim-faced team leads the parade into the “Top Chef” kitchen where the judges await. The Grammys will be forced to explain themselves imo. Food & Wine is part of the Meredith Corporation Allrecipes Food Group. It’s called Restaurant Wars for a reason. Kevin Boehm says Lee Anne’s concept of modern Hawaiian food wasn’t strong enough to carry a restaurant. Like Gregory’s ode to his roots, Kevin’s theme is very personal to him as well.


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