Highly recommended. He makes sure that you know exactly what you're buying and that you're completely satisfied with your purchase.

It was my first time meeting Jay and Adriane and they exceeded my expectations just as they had my husbands. I had to use my imagination and completely trust Jay and Adriane because the ring essentially existed only in our minds. He is a true and exceptional talent and we cannot wait to design another milestone piece of jewelry with him! Now I believe it is normal for friends and family to compliment an engagement ring but you know you have done well when complete strangers go out of their way to compliment your ring.

Working with Jay and Adriane was an absolute delight - they are full of stories to share, and are perfectionists when it comes to creating your custom jewelry. It is nice to work with someone that is just as excited about your dream design. Jewelry, American Express Accepted, Discover Accepted, Mastercard Accepted, Visa Accepted, Custom Jewelry, Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets, Diamonds, Diamond Setters, Jewelry Design, Gemologists, Necklaces. There's already a story behind it, making it by far one of a kind and irreplaceable.

My necklace is stunning! I contacted Jay and Adriene about designing an engagement ring after having gone to several of the local chain stores around Nashville (Genesis, Shane Co.) and getting tired of their sales pitches and overpriced diamonds. Jewelry, American Express Accepted, Discover Accepted, Mastercard Accepted, Visa Accepted, Custom Jewelry, Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets, Diamonds, Diamond Setters, Jewelry Design, Gemologists, Necklaces. ! From the moment we walked in the door, our experience changed radically. I would highly recommend anyone looking for a custom piece of jewelry to look no further than J. Yontef Diamonds & Custom Jewelry. He then excitedly began telling me about the process of designing it with Jay and Adriane and making it into a reality. Everyone should have access to bangin' jewelry. You will get it and, based on my experience, they will make sure you are pleased. After having us look closely to our stones and describing them to us in a almost teacher like manner, he took several pictures and descriptions of our ring and stone - without me asking - that assured me he was a serious gemologist and not some "sales" guy. It turned out better than I could of imagined; I can't wait to propose. And they gave a firm price for doing so. He took the time to listen and get every detail just right. Jay and Adriane could have a successful second career in mind reading because it turned out even better than I imagined. Jay did it again.

You will only receive the highest quality craftmanship and materials when you work with them. Nashville Gold & Diamond Market is the only place you can find such a Very easy and nice to work with. Truly a pleasure. Precious metals with individually selected pearls and stones form modern and timeless works of art designed to be loved and worn for years to come. The Largest Selection of Diamonds, Gold, and Jewelry In Tennessee. I would (and will) return in a heartbeat. In the end the ring was perfect - everything about the experience was perfect. Well, I thought that was a rather round-about way to get things done.

It's like having a family member you trust designing the most special piece of jewelry you will ever wear. Anthony Jewelers can design something you will be proud to wear. The customer service is wonderful, and is run by the sweetest couple, and their dog!!! (My fiancee thinks so, too.) After our consultation he decided for whatever reason that he did not want my business and was very rude about it.

Copper scrollwork with Jewelers Bronze letters, figure, and flowers. J took that drawing and ran with it. We would both highly recommend him to those couples looking for an elegant and unique ring. Jay and Adriane are very good to work with. I would highly recommend Jay Yontef. We are intentional about imbuing love and light into each piece we make. The atmosphere was really nice and very personal.

I never need to go anywhere else for my jewelry needs. When I could not find what I was looking for, I found him on the net and emailed him. He is exceptionally knowledgeable about his craft and takes great pride in his work. No two designs are alike, but every single design IS GORGEOUS!! I also left them with several pieces of vintage jewelry I had never worn. We talked for around ten minutes and then she asked me to bring a few ideas and some pictures of my lady. Since I do not live in Nashville, Jay worked with my schedule to meet with me and he even me me early on a Saturday as my time was limited. He was extremely transparent, honest & trustworthy, especially for a guy who has no clue about diamonds or jewelry.

After leaving a contact email I was promptly called by Adriane to set up an appointment. He explained the dynamics of buying a diamond to me and took the time to educate me about what to look for in a stone, and he was always quick to answer my questions and was easy to meet with. Remarkable Find in Today's World – Dealing with J. Yontef was an astonishingly positive experience in a world where there are few such experiences anymore. I know that for the next gemstones I buy I will go directly to Jay and Adriane to pick the loose stone from the beginning. One of the best parts along with the amazing work was the price. I had a year long Ordeal with a local Jewelry Co. who made a custom ring for me.

It didn't take long at all for the ring to be made, and when I saw it I was very, very happy. I have known Jay Yontef for many years, starting when he worked in a renowed jewerly store in South Orange , New Jersey. Thank you, J. Yontef. We've never felt comfortable with our jeweler options until we stumbled on JYD&C. In a snowstorm at a public event, somehow one of the earrings got lost and all of us were quite upset. Jay got me some beautiful stones to put in some earrings for my wife. Not only did he create my own custom ring that is a one of the kind heirloom. Jay came highly referred to me from a friend. I went around to all the antique ring shops in Nashville to try & find a specific style of engagement ring, with no luck. He educated my husband and I on the different aspects of selecting diamonds. Jay & A are absolutely incredible to work with. Amazing experience! If you're looking to make a really special piece or engagement ring and you wan it to be beautiful, well-thought-out, great quality and come from a place of passion and hard work and love, please please please go to Jay and Adrian.

He interviewed me at length so that he would know what sort of ring I wanted. (615) 352-2393 for any questions. Go visit them, not only will they create something more beautiful than you can imagine, you will learn about diamonds and be able to talk like a pro :) We went to J with a really bad sketch with pen and paper what we wanted. 3 weeks later, my fiance (and anyone else who sees it) loves the ring. – I am so in love with my beautiful sapphire ring guards that my husband had made for my Christmas present. Call (615) 352-2393. I think the process my fiance went through with J is much more special than simply going to a store and picking out a ring.

I'm still in awe at how beautiful it came out and how proud I am of the fact that it's a custom design and a literal one-of-a-kind piece. That is the type of quality and professional service you get from J Yontef and I could not more highly recommend them to anyone who wants to make a truly special piece of jewelry for someone you truly care about. J gave me a price that was half of what other custom jewelers wanted. During the Christmas holidays, I had the pleasure of meeting Jay and Adriane through a mutual acquaintance. Trust me, go to him first when you are shopping for a jewelry or a specialized custom piece. Thanks Jay! My mother's wedding set had been put away for some 30 years because she had worn the bands very thin, and they were in danger of breaking. I never once felt rushed or pressured into making a decision, and as a result, I think I came out of the process with the perfect ring. From the moment I stepped into their office, I was treated like a member of their family. Call Affordable Style Unique, heirloom quality, reasonably-priced jewelry has always been our driving force.


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