In Devil May Cry 3, Dante wears long, tan-colored jeans, black fingerless gloves, and military-style boots. Dante fights Urizen after he defeats Lady and Trish but he is brushed aside by Urizen. Dante is initially relieved to find his older twin still alive, but it soon becomes apparent that they have different goals in mind, and that each stands in the other's way. Morrison, Lady, and Patty meet Enzo and wait for Dante, who said he's going to show up later.

Dante aids the character Lucia in defeating Arius, an international businessman who uses demonic power and seeks to conquer the world by attaining the power of Argosax the Chaos. Nero, one of the Holy Knights, enraged that his love-interest Kyrie has been endangered, interrupts Dante and keeps him busy until Kyrie and her brother Credo can escape. He also appears in Ghost Rider's ending where he, Ghost Rider, and Trish threaten Mephisto's life, forcing him to undo a contract. Dante recovers just in time to change Urizen's focus from Nero to himself, thus beginning "Round 2". Unit: 1603 , Dante arrives just in time to save everyone, but he doesn't have any weapons with him. This soon changes when Morrison brings him a job request that pays Dante cash upfront which brings the electricity and water back as soon as he arrived. In the story of the game, an event that recreates the world called the Conception occurs, killing almost every human in Tokyo save the few who may hold the key to recreating it. While bitterly claiming that "[he doesn't] have a father" in his first fight with Vergil in 3, he eventually comes to accept that he is a son of Sparda and grows to respect him as the game goes on, proudly claiming in his final duel with his brother in the game that not only do they carry Sparda's blood but his soul as well. Swords: Rebellion, Balrog, Devil Sword Sparda, Cavaliere, Devil Sword Dante, King Cerberus

As Nero pleads with them, Dante tells him that it's because he is here that they can go into the Demon World. The Devil May Cry crew is investigated by two police officers, Steve and McClain. For details and movesets see [5], In the same interview, another noted influence on Dante both design-wise and character-wise was Cobra of the acclaimed Japanese manga and anime series Space Adventure Cobra.

Would you like to find employees who are just right for your organization? BSR GLOBAL comes out with the first of its kind digital test. While maturing as time goes by, Dante never loses his care-free, devil-may-care attitude, except in Devil May Cry 2. After it is hinted that Vergil is still alive through Urizen, Dante at first sought to kill his brother thinking he was corrupted beyond salvation. As seen at the beginning of the series, Dante is incredibly flippant, casually mouthing off to even the most powerful of demons, and he generally enjoys showing off and taunting his adversaries as often as he can. as they proceed to fend off another demon horde. Sharing his family experiences with Lady, she denies what he says and thinks only of him as a demon after shooting him in the head when he saved her from falling. Dante meets with Lady again to find Arkham dead, revealing to be her father. He watches the two female devil hunters kill the demons who are entering the street where Devil May Cry shop is. After an intense battle, Nero disarms Dante, but Dante then easily knocks him down, unarming and pinning him down to the ground, while holding Yamato close to his neck. Dante and Vergil fighting side by side in order to finish off Arkham. He soon quickly comes to the realization that while the Yamato was used to separate, the Rebellion was used to unify.

Along the way, he defeats Cavaliere Angelo and rescues Trish from within; also acquiring the Cavaliere. Dante is one of the main Heroes in the base game of Teppen, being a Hero, he can be selected as the main character used in battle, and has three "Hero Arts" which have different functions from other heroes.

DMC3:DA She lures Dante into a final fight with the bio-weapon Nightmare, but Dante manages to kill the monster.

He can be counted on to do the right thing, even if he makes humorously cynical quips about it the entire time. Dante He can later be recruited to the party at the entrance of the Fifth Kalpa, where he uses the same coin seen in Devil May Cry 2 to decide the fee for his services. Dante followed his mother's last wish, and took up a new identity, to hide from the demons, and adopted the name "Anthony 'Tony' Redgrave". As Rebellion tastes his blood, it starts a change and Dante's demonic power started to trigger.

In the original Devil May Cry and the anime adaptation, Dante wears red pants with two black belts wrapped around his right thigh, a black, leather belt, black gloves, and high, black boots. Nero hands Dante the Sparda, and attacks the atrocity with his Devil Bringer, destroying it. At the end of the series, Dante accidentally angered Patty when he asked "Didn't your parents teach you to respect your elders?"


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