Player jumps forward, swinging the weapon in a horizontal arc from left to right.

Of course the black knight glaive is one more notch up, but I like my Lucerne better. Thrusting damage means big numbers off of counterhits, and it can combo into Spin Sweep for even bigger damage.

I'm about to head into NG+ and its gonna be one of my main weapons I think.

- Has anyone tried using the lucerne's weapon skill (Spin Sweep) on players guarding in pvp? Note: Weapons reinforced with regular Titanite are listed at+0,+3,+6, and+10 as those reinforcement increments represent the base damage of the weapon and the top tier of each multiplayer range. I used it for the first half of my playthrough, and found it to be very effective.

Skill: Spin Sweep Sweep foes in a large spinning motion, and utilize momentum to transition into an overhanded strong attack smash. It's really solid. Vertical downward swing, preceded by quickly spinning the weapon in the hand.

The Lucerne can be obtained from a corpse in an ancillary chamber in The Catacombs, past the second Necromancer. -


Spinning attack with a large sweeping motion. 26 I haven't used the Lucerne so can't speak on range, Lucerne is 0.5 lighter.



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Inflicts thrust damage. share.

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Short jump leading into a vertical downward swing.


Edit: and RHH has very effective weapon art depending on the situation.

Stats 100

Requires: Standard Lucerne +5, Titanite and 200 souls per upgrade.

... and custom maps in Dark Souls 3 are finally in reach. Param


Range feels a touch short for a halberd, but not entirely terrible. Damage is very similar.

Thanks, that's some very good information. I don't feel like rushing Untended Graves, though, so no black knight glaive until the end of the game.

Requires: Divine Lucerne +5, White Titanite and 200 souls per upgrade. Found

May 9, 2016 What did you use on the second half?

[My stats are.. SL 125 -- 40 Str/ 40 Dex -- +10 Refined Lucerne]. r/darksouls3. Red Hilted Halberd does piercing R1s too. Req.

Halberd with a large, hard beak-like protrusion.

Weapon Type I haven't used the Lucerne so can't speak on range, Lucerne is 0.5 lighter.

I've been occasionally one-shotting those annoying dragon/snake people enemies in Archdragon Peak.

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Not as good as the black knight glaive though. Press J to jump to the feed. 40.0 These cookies do not store any personal information. darksouls_samurai

The Catacombs - Corpse

When you get the counter attacks with Leo Ring it really hits hard. 0.

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So while it may not hit as hard as some of the others, you can use it with the Leo ring to get some surprising damage on attacking enemies that you outrange.

report. Requires: Standard Lucerne +5, Green Titanite and 200 souls per upgrade.

I've recently been using it (PVE only so far) and I really like it.


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