Mom’s big gold necklace, dong baek’s floral printed jumpsuit, hyang mi’s headband, pil gu’s temper, and lastly hyongsik, the policeman with drone, all of them just made my day This episode is one of the best. Along some of the comments you made, Jessica should and probably does know what she married into. This drama has so many memorable moments that I find myself rewatching the scenes on youtube throughout the week. i really hope Pil-gu will let him in more and they can have a great relationship. I absolutely dig the fact that these women’s stories don’t just revolve around the men in the drama, it’s more like they’re all a part of each other’s stories. They notice Yong-shik furiously scratching his fingers (ew, they look raw and red) and tell him to get that checked, teasing he might give Dong-baek an infection. Ja-young walks out of her house, luggage in hand. After a whole 20 episodes with Dong-baek and Yong-sik dealing with insurmountable obstacles in their way, seeing them finally be together had me heaving … A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Everything in her life seems to revolve around being Mrs. Kang Jong-ryeol, from her social media presence to all her media appearances. Hyang-mi tries to stall but to no avail. It prevents some from doing better, while it makes others act out. That could be one of the reasons why nothing has been solved and he can walk everywhere unnoticed. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access FB.init({ that boy seriously deserve it, shoutout to our hero Yongshik for saving the day for both Pilgu and Dongbaek. And I love Pil-gu! “Even if you’re found dead tomorrow by the lake, there’d be no next of kin to contact,” he says smugly. When I first learnt about wangtta - it seriously sent a chill up my spine...and it instantly re-wrote my understanding of so many dramas I had seen previously. It’s Yong-shik, drone in hand.

Jong-ryeol’s confronted by an angry Jessica who shows him pictures from the baseball game. Enough said on Yong-Shik :-). In the present, Hyang-mi takes out the money and stares at it, conflicted, remembering Mi-soon saying that her old life would come looking for her. I also love how Pil-gu is warming up to him. Why would Hyang-mi work there? It works, and as they walk, she laments her situation.

She says that no matter how low Madonna gets, she wouldn’t date someone like “him” and walks off, complete with a hair-flip, leaving Deok-soon dumbfounded. appId : '127538621120543', Jong-ryeol sighs inwardly, thinking that he wants to cry as well. I took her actions as being protective and not wanting to bring down the mood of what would be an exciting family event with her appearance. The early scenes of RJ and Jessica fighting in his apartment show him wearing the baby around, and there are no camera crews around while they are fighting and she's heading off to her own apartment to leave the baby there living with him alone. He’s uncharacteristically serious and gravely tells Yong-shik to shoot, not fight, if he finds the Joker. Pil-gu brings him down to earth, they just want to see his drone. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Dude is selfish and horrible to the gender female. But did the Joker kill Hyang-mi to get Dong-baek’s attention, or did Hyang-mi see something she shouldn’t have? I’m a police officer!”. He was prepared to take that role publicly even if PG had decided to reject him at that moment. She doesn’t want Pil-gu to be known as the boy without a dad, or the son of a bar owner. I also think that a character such as Jessica also would not need it, my sympathy that is and anyone else’s perhaps ;) From the manners and scenes of them so far, to me Jessica and Jang-Ryeol seems to both be individuals that are adept and good about thinking about themselves...they have been and will likely continue to live their life and act as they please. We see this all the time in dramas where the characters are parents but we never see the kids. Who knows, her fixation on fame may be a by-product of no one ever taking her seriously (not even her own family). But Dong-baek would rather believe that Hyang-mi isn’t that kind of a person. Hmm, I hadn’t thought about it that way, but you’re right about Jong Ryeul treating Jessica the same as he did to Dongbaek. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); She decided to work at the Camellia then, despite the low pay, and had told Mi-soon (moped Mi-soon) to tell Nak-ho they’d cut ties if he ever came looking for Hyang-mi. Instead of getting angry, she sighs at how spot on the comments are and says she doesn’t know who she is anymore. The game starts and the chat had its intended effect, as the umpire favors Yong-gil’s team heavily. I think they showed him wearing the baby around all the time in the first couple of episodes to establish his character as a doting father and once that was established it's just easier for the production not to have to deal with a baby. Jung-sook goes to Deok-soon’s restaurant and mutters about Dong-baek being too good for Yong-shik.


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