Following that you will need to track down the ship with the commander aboard, speak with Meritmaat first. Next you need to track down Vitruvius. Head to the quest and speak with the man by the body.

If he does draw aggro, defend him whilst you kill the hostiles until he can reach his destination. It’s a simple assassination.

You’ll find a man with a knife. Speak with Hotephres to start the quest and learn the location of the fort and commander. Have fun using it on our WWW pages. You need to escort Suphia and a rebel to the nearby ruined fort. We can either swim out to this platform or make our way over to it using a rope from the central guard tower. It brings us to ancient Egypt filled with vast deserts, massive pyramids, and many oasis to the AC … Inside the town to the South East side of the Faiyum region. Kanopos Nome. It’s in the South West corner of the city. Free the man being held captive and then speak with him. Once you have the quest head to the temple to find Crios. This side quest is in the central part of Saqqara Nome. North West area in Green Mountains. This Side Quest can be found in the South East corner of town. Grab the nearby boat and head to the area before locating the ship. Head to the new area, use the bird to scout your target, and take him out. Conflicts of Interest Copyright © 2000 - 2020 GRY-Online S.A. for, unofficial game guides, walkthroughs, secrets, game tips, maps & strategies for top games.

This quest can be found inside a pyramid. After killing the commander within the fort, Hotephres and Khenut will appear on a small rocky outcrop to the south of the fort. He blames himself for the loss of his child, believing that it was his duty to protect her as a father. Clear out the looters and then carry Pentu back to his house. They range from level 18-21. You will now have several objective markers on your map, these are jars that contain the cakes. Find and save her - she is tied up and left under water. You’ll need to carry him out of the Arsenal and speak with him to learn about the stolen lion skin. This is a follow on quest from Smoke over Water. When you reach the area use Senu to locate an underground entrance, the stairs icon. Follow Hotephres to his wife.

Head to the location and investigate the merchant, it must be day time. After the fight use your Dusk till Dawn ability and meet him at the lighthouse. Take them down and move on to the Crocodile camp. Use your quest tracker to find the cave, head inside and kill all of the bandits. You now have two additional objectives. This quest will appear when you arrive. Free him to get this quest. Head back to the amphitheater when you see the ! Escort Theodoros to his camp. When you have both artifacts, return them to the priest. I destroyed it as it was quicker.

Use Senu to find the Caretakers Shrine and head inside. Head to the new objective and search for all the clues. After you speak with Agatha you will need to rescue her son Titus from the nearby Apollonia Barracks. Speak to Suphia when it is night time. [1] Together, they had a daughter named Shadya and settled down in a villa in Euhemeria. Now you need to save prisoner, get him out and drop him somewhere before speaking with him to complete the quest. Apollodorus' informants After speaking with the man, you learn he has lost his horse. You get the side quest when you get to the top.

Check out our Assassin’s Creed Origins Stone Circles guide for details. Hotephres always tried to take the high road but quickly started regretting this when his daughter was killed by Berenike. One of the Captain’s has the key you need to unlock the hatch.

When you arrive you see a man getting his backside whooped. Collect both the artifacts and return to the scholar. Take out the captain and loot the Blacksmith’s tools. Next Basic questions How to kill Akhenaten Prev Basic questions How to reach the statue in Vault of the Aten? Follow the Old Fighter to the next fight and take down the opponent. Water Rats This Shards From The Star – Solve The Thoth Riddle In AC Origins The Hidden Ones guide will tell you how you unlock the quest, how. After you investigate switch to night time and follow the merchants. Then free the Rebel Leader from the nearby fort. You can avoid the level 40s. All objectives you’ve done before. This side quest is in the far North West corner of this region. He’s not very deep in so you should be able to get him out without much combat. It’s far to the East. Quest complete. Speak with him to learn that he has lost two Gold Sobek statues. My Brother For A Horse They will hang out in the courtyard below initially, so take this opportunity to try killing one or two of them with a predator bow from above, or to perform an air assassination on one of them. Inside the town to the South East side of the Faiyum region. I accidentally skipped the other clues as I found the final destination before the other shrines. The Last Bodyguard A Dream Of Ashes This completes the quest. Clear the camp of bandits and carry the girl to safety.

You need to find and kill a bandit. It’s to the far East of Kyrenaika region. Head to Poimen Relay and speak with the man there. Head to the farm at Philadelphia. You can find this quest in the small town of Remetch Ra. Avoid guards. That completes the quest. On the Northern shore of Marmarica. He can be found imprisoned in the Cleon’s Dam outpost just to the north of the rebel’s position. He dislikes the Ptolemaic rule and feels partially responsible for the actions of other Greek officials in Egypt, such as Berenike. Enter the area and you will investigate a cat death. It’s an unorthodox combination to be sure, but does it pay off? As they stormed his bureau, they slew Hotephres' dog and captured his servant, but Hotephres himself was able to avoid capture and fled on a trader's ship to Lake Moeris.

It’s only a small group of bandits so you don’t need to bother with the traps if you don’t wish. Once inside you’ll have to clear a group of snakes to free the child.


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