What I want to know is why Saitama is even considered a gag character. In the anime, he is planet level. If someone is going to use Saitama's concept as an argument, it's only fair that they also use the other character's concept as well. I said the data book mistranslated Boros to being star level, And you replied by saying that wasn't a mis - translation, Not in OPM, there is no evidnece they did that here, and fact that we have many guidebooks confirming its power menas that they did not, One of the English guidebooks state Boros to be a star destroy. Oooookayyyyyyy?

"Goku was one shot by Sorbet! Seeing this, Goku grinned. After beating whole of the Monster Association, he lived in a hectic yet, peaceful life in his apartment. Goku was caught off guard once Saitama sent an uppercut on the jaw.

He can survive a strike or power blast that can obliterate 100 stars at once. Ki Control is the ability to have been used to minimize destruction the Dragon Ball Characters are able to do so they wouldn't have to move to a new planet when they fought. Using the Saiyan boost, at mid-ball, he should be at least be more than 2 trillion faster than light. A light emitted from Goku's palm where he held Saitama's fist and a large Ki Beam was shot out of it. Goku definitely beats Saitama in speed. He kicked Saitama with his knee, I don't know about you guys but I certainly can't kick someone further then I can jump, for the matter RUN!. It took more than one punch and he even took damage as seen and stated in the manga. That's fast, but not fast enough. lol. So, yes. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America).

Ok, so we know that Saitama hasn't used his full… Basically I think saitama will win even if goku uses MUI(mastered UI) is beacuse saitama has no limits to his power where to DBZ DBS (and even GT) all those characters have a limit to their power (including jiren) Its even stated by in the dragon ball one punch crossover that saitama has no limit to his power and continues to train. In character Saitama tries to take a full power blast from Ginyu fight Goku and gets vaped. Goku's leg moved a bit as he finally decides to attack him first. Depends on how the fight goes. Powerful enough to be so calm in this situation. it's like if i create a character whose ONLY purpose is to beat a bear in a one on one fight--and when he is put up against a BEAR, aka the bear he is suppose to beat, people say "wait, wait, wait. SERIOUS PUNCH!".

Tho Beerus let him live so it didn't really matter, I guess if it was a fight to the death for the fate of the earth and there was no one else to help Goku then the plot would demand for him to win. While Goku tend to play around a little, he gets serious afterwards. Or they use what characters say and Saitama stomps. Saitama, like Goku thought, was calm and sees Goku as someone not stronger than the Alien he fought, Boros. Causing butthurt because to them controversy = good. He's not trying to kill Garou, did you read the comic? It sends him flying upwards at such speed and made a screeching sound as if the sky was ripping apart. Saved for future reference. Saitama regained and air dashed towards Goku. So he's around planet-busting, maybe a little lower. but the "it doesn't matter saitama is a gag, feats still matter" argument is excruciatingly annoying.

For example, I'll use goku VS another bald character, nappa. Retarded, lmfao! Sure he could have used a stronger punch to kill them but there is literal proof that Saitama cannot just casually one punch everything without thought to death. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Cause' I've been hungry for flames ever since this fight broke out.

Saitama's best physical feat would be defecting a planet surface blast and that doesn't come close to smacking away a large planetary blast like frieza did. Goku was caught off guard once Saitama sent an uppercut on the jaw. Both Goku and Saitama looked at each other seriously in the middle of a desert. I hope you don't mind if I save this so I can steal it and use it later on. I have created this video to educate and enlighten everyone on this topic; "Who would winn? It was probably the first time where he had to go all out and used his trump card.


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