Place the battery such that its terminals face you. Please let us know your views in the comments below. On the right side of the meter, you see written as ACV. There may also be a red cover over the positive (+) terminal that will lift off or snap open too.

The difference between these two multimeters is that digital multimeter is going to give us the output in the digital form whereas the analog multimeter gives the output in the analog form. Please let us know your views in the comments below. when you want to test and read a voltage if you don't know the voltage always select the highest scale but if you know your voltage select the appropriate scale, for alternating current examples, let's say I was going to work on 220 volts I would select the 250-volt scale put it on my AC if that's what we're going to read first and that is this scale right here the red one.

Due to the way batteries discharge it's important that you test the battery after it's been sitting for at least an hour to get what's called the 'resting voltage'. The cells will either have individual caps, or a plastic cover that clips over all, or several of the cells. How To Check Battery Of A Cell Phone With Multimeter . Based on the number of balls floating, you can tell whether the cell is dead or not. when you place it here and touch the probes together, you will hear a beep sound. This is because a multimeter will just show how much charge is there in the battery. A funny traditional method of checking battery. so let us start learning.

Switch off your cell phone and carefully remove the battery.

In such a case a multimeter will not help. What is the difference between analog and digital multimeter?

(The positive terminal of the battery is indicated by a ‘+’ sign and the negative terminal is indicated by a ‘-‘ sign.).

So if the battery is faulty, you just have to replace it. Switch off your cell phone and carefully remove the battery. we have our x one so if I came up to here and I'm on the 10 that would be 10 ohms when I'm on our x one if I was our x 100 that would be a thousand ohms and if I was our x 10000 that would be 100 thousand ohms so this is how you read it from right to left on the top. when you turn meter knob to the right you will able to use the ac voltage meter in this fluke analog multimeter. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account.

It will be either 10V or 20V in most multimeters. Now search on the label of the battery for its given voltage. Should I Repair or Replace My Faulty Smartphone?

I hope you get the answer to Where do the leads go on a multimeter?

I am just writing this method for knowledge purpose and strongly advice against using it unless in an emergency! I hope you understand the basics of What is multimeter and its types? Read our guide on How to use multimeter in mobile phone repairs, A funny traditional method of checking battery. A good healthy car battery should register about 12.6 volts. With lots of usage of various functions and apps, the battery consumption has become very high in todays smartphones. So, a test of the resting voltage is just as effective a diagnosis.

The first test with your multimeter will measure DC voltage, indicated with a solid line and a dashed line above a letter V. Set the dial to 20, which will allow you to accurately measure between 0-20 Volts. Once the battery is exposed be extremely careful that nothing metal touches the terminals and causes a short, so don't set wrenches or other tools on top of the battery. one lead is connected to the ac phase and the other lead is connected with ac neutral wire on the electric socket. As you can see in the picture. Put a new battery in your handset and check.

If you suspect this is killing your battery during storage, you can either disconnect the battery, or remove the battery from the car entirely. Do not use this setting as batteries run on DC voltage. I am just writing this method for knowledge purpose and strongly advice against using it unless in an emergency! The usage of battery charge through internet either by data connection (2G or 3G) or WiFi also leads to quicker draining in cell phones.

Then there is some short-circuit or hardware related fault in the PCB.

If you're getting a reading with a minus in front of it (-12.6 rather than 12.6) you've got the probes the wrong way round! They just touch the tip of their tongue to the ‘+’ terminal of the battery and if it gives a sort of current or spicy taste, then it means the battery is charged.

All of these are designed to function at a particular voltage, but simply measuring the voltage with a multimeter won't tell you whether or not the battery is good.


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