Carol, then writing for a Davao newspaper and the INQUIRER was somehow in one of those trips. CAROL, the veteran journalist, had this to say, recalling one episode when she joined me in a “mercy mission” to collect the dying at the height of a mass poisoning of villagers in some remote areas in Maguindanao. Definition of cry heart out in the Idioms Dictionary. SENATOR “LANDRING” — The most notable “crying” politician I can recall was the late Dabawenyo Senator ALEJANDRO “Landring” ALMENDRAS  whose public speeches were never complete without shedding tears on stage. I remembered my wife Beth was with me  in Cagayan de Oro enroute to Manila on a commercial flight when I got a call from President Ramos to immediately proceed to Maguindanao to attend to the emergency situation. It ended  a crisis situation that could have  turned worse. )” . You were talking about the family of Mrs. Corda and your voice was breaking as you were narrating how you talked to them. ‘Nihilak gyud ko’( “I really cried. I have never seen her cry or maybe I just missed those moments. Many innocent lives  including  all the hostage takers died in that carnage. The Lyrics for Cry Your Heart Out by Vade have been translated into 2 languages. The pent-up tension that built up for days just gave way. CAROL’S ACCOUNT –When I emailed Carol my recollections of that event,  she gave a  more accurate account. I now suddenly remember the song that goes something like: “I cry a river over you!”. Publisher’s Notes | The Realities Of Negotiations: The Not-So-Easy Road To Peace, LETTER TO THE EDITOR | Sexual objectification and sex jokes of women are VAW, PUBLISHER’S NOTES| PH President: `Jorge Bergoglio’, PUBLISHER’S NOTES| Today’s merciless social media is `Journalism in a hurry without borders’, PUBLISHER’S NOTES| The Story of the Sons of Two Lowly Bus Drivers. And just like everyone else, we try and hide and allow a tear to fall without immediately reaching for that ubiquitous handkerchief, or just dabbing   the side of our eyes  to prevent a welling. HOSTAGE-TAKING — After about 3 days of futile negotiations for a peaceful end, an assault operations had to be launched resulting to the death ( some called it “neutralization”) of  8 prisoners-hostage -takers and the safe recovery of DAPECOL employees, mostly ladies, except for the death of one hostage,  Mrs. CORDA who was caught in the crossfire in the close-quarter assault. And nothing to be embarrassed about! At that time, the 8- month drought caused by El Nino in 1998 forced residents to scavenge for root crops for food.Unfortunately, a cassava variety that grows in the wild called ” kayos” if not properly washed and cooked could be poisonous.

And unless they are “crocodile tears” ( defined as insincere or fake or make-believe tears,) then go ahead and cry your heart out. The likes of Cher, Kylie Minogue, Robbie Williams, Mel C, Bryan Adams, Lenny Kravitz and Nile Rodgers performed on the BBC Children In Need single “Stop Crying Your Heart Out… I called up the hospital when we returned to Davao from Cotabato that same day. I was told the boy died an hour or so earlier. Definitions by the largest Idiom Dictionary. Feel its intensity, and maybe locate it in your body. Here is her own recollection: “Remember, we helicoptered a baby boy from the”kayos” area to the hospital in Cotabato City but the boy died hours later. But crying or shedding tears is good. Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, crying over spilled milk, it's no good/use.


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