On Citation Rootstock which is tolerant of wet soil, induces early dormancy in dry soil, is very winter hardy, resists root knot nematodes, and produces a 12'-18' tree. Another factor that makes plum trees popular is the anti oxidant qualities of the fruit and it is the Japanese varieties that have this quality. The Prunus mume tree originated in China and Korea but is most often referred to as Japanese Apricot in the west. You buy it, we can deliver and plant it! We've been sharing our passion for edible plants and organic gardening since 1994. We recommend buying as big as you can to instantly adorn your property with the beauty that a specimen tree can bring to any setting. The strikingly beautiful color of this tree accents homes, parks, streets and makes a huge impact wherever it's planted. Latin Name: Prunus x domestica, Prunus cerasifera, Prunus salicina It has soft, dark-green foliage resembling a yew tree, and the new spring growth is bright green. We offer unique and rare fruit and nut trees, shrubs, and vines. Japanese Plum Tree. Shop Savings Services Ideas. These unique trees feature 4 different Japanese or European plum varieties, including Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Shiro, Italian or Stanley.

This Plum comes in such a variety of colors, shapes, sizes and flavors.

The Burgundy plum tree is a medium Japanese variety with reddish-purple fruit. This makes it a top choice in the warmest parts of the country – zones 8 and 9. You can leave this plant unclipped to develop a mature natural form, or it can be clipped into a low hedge, or a broad dome. It is only carried on female plants, which need a male plant to pollinate them. The plum yew is sometimes called Korean or Japanese plum-yew, and also called the cowtail pine. Sunset Northeast Zone: varies, Phone: 1-877-353-4028 The delicious, delectable Plum is probably the easiest of all the stone fruits to grow, with less pest and disease problems and a more tolerant nature than, for example, a Peach or Apricot.

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This variety is cold hardy and is also good for mild winter areas. The Burgundy plum has a small pit and is self-fertile. Every state has their own unique USDA restrictions on which plants they allow to come into their state. Our 4 way Combo Plum Tree varietals are great for Northwest growing conditions. They are generally larger, rounder (or heart shaped) and firmer than European plums. Bacterial Canker can occasionally damage trunks or branches.

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Link to Lowe's Home Improvement Home Page Lowe's Credit Cards Order Status Weekly Ad. At Moon Valley Nurseries, we offer Purple Leaf Plum trees for sale that produce no fruit and practically no litter, making this an ideal tree for shading patios or placing around backyard seating areas.

Find a Store Near Me. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery, How to Avoid Creating Air Pockets When Planting, What to Know Before Planting a Tree or Plant, Seasonal pink blooms contrast well and add even more color, Vibrant purple leaves make a huge impact on any landscape, Ornamental small to medium size tree works well anywhere.

This plant is called ‘plum yew’ because the fruit looks like a miniature plum, about one inch long, and green, turning brown in fall. This plum has a deep red flesh with a sweet mellow flavor. At OGW we offer a diversity of food plants and their companions from around the world. It will grow in sheltered gardens in zone 5, although in severe winters it may suffer some browning and die-back.

Later It was re-named as Cephalotaxus harringtonii, or C. harringtonia.

Our productive Japanese plum trees bear fruit with wonderful, unique flavor.

These unique trees feature 4  different Japanese or European plum varieties, including Santa Rosa, Satsuma, Shiro, Italian or Stanley. Once you have trees or large shrubs, you have shade, no matter what type of garden you have. We are a family owned and operated nursery in Portland Oregon.


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