If you like this recipe, share it with your friends on social media so that they can also eat delicious and healthy keto cakes like this. A super quick and easy recipe for keto peanut butter cream cheese balls. 8 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight on Keto.

Based on my mother’s famous recipe.

In a bowl, combine your peanut butter, swerve, and cream cheese.

Perfect for Christmas and the holidays, they’re easy to make and only use 7 ingredients. COMBINE COLEXALEAN WITH GARCINIA CAMBOGIA AND WATCH WHAT HAPPENS!!!

I believe food should be delicious and that healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated or super restrictive! Click here to see all of our favorite keto dessert recipes! Monk fruit powdered extract can be used instead.

Required fields are marked *. Of course, you need to restrict carbs and sugars, but you can still have almost any dessert you want as long as it is in the keto version.

They can be kept in the freezer for up to 30 days.

I am gonna use generic Splenda in place of the Swerve I will let you know how ot goes! Are you on the Keto Diet? We can really change the world together! Your email address will not be published.

Macro Breakdown per fat bomb… there were 13 total fat bombs in the batch we made… calories= 150 – fat=14 net carbs=3 – protein=2, SUPERCHARGE YOUR KETO RESULTS! For peanut butter cream cheese bombs, simply replace the butter or coconut oil with peanut butter. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They will keep well in the fridge for about a week, so they are great to take as gifts if someone else is hosting.

I used a low-fat butter spread (Smart Balance Light, which is also vegan) for the balls in the photos, to ensure low-fat spreads are also fine to use.

If six cookies each cookie contains roughly 304.5 calories, 29.36 grams of fat, 13.61 total carbs, 3.49 net carbs, and 7.57 grams of protein. Instructions.

I have used quite a few fat loss programs already but not on... Ketoreboot Club is your one stop to get all of the keto and low carb recipes, tips, news and advice.

The cream cheese balls should work with most butter spreads, coconut oil, or coconut butter. Mix all the ingredients together with a tablespoon. Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Fat Bombs. To melt the chocolate, you can use a microwave or bain-marie.

How would you change it?

Fat Bomb Information Related: Click here to see all of our favorite keto dessert recipes!

Your email address will not be published. Your email address will not be published. Learn how your comment data is processed. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. That’s why I’m practically obsessed with these chocolate peanut butter cheesecake fat bombs!!

Add 200 g of cream cheese into a bowl.

amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon"; They are perfect both as a snack or a small dessert. Republishing articles in their entirety is prohibited. https://www.eatwell101.com/keto-peanut-butter-fat-bombs-recipe

Hope that helps . In a medium bowl, combine cream cheese, peanut butter, 1/4 coconut oil and salt..

We have made some pretty amazing keto dessert recipes with peanut butter and very few ingredients. These Keto Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Fat Bombs are so rich and decadent, and only 4 grams net carbs each!

Combine chocolate chips and … In a medium bowl, combine cream cheese, peanut butter, ¼ cup coconut oil, and salt. Roll the mixture into balls (about 1 heaping teaspoon of the mixture) and then roll the balls in the crushed chocolate, and place in an airtight container in the freezer. I would love to hear from you. I've been writing healthy, family-friendly recipes at 40 Aprons for over 10 years. Place softened cream cheese, peanut butter, sugar substitute, cocoa powder and 1 tablespoon chopped chocolate chips into a large mixing bowl. I love the bitterness of the chocolate.

I make it often! Better yet, you only need 4 simple ingredients to make them! We have not tried it, but definitely let us know how it goes for you!

Using a hand mixer, beat mixture until fully combined, about 2 minutes.

Tastes just like peanut butter cheesecake!

Once the peanut butter in blended in, remove the pot from the heat.

Each of these buckeyes is around 25 calories and contains just 1g of carbs, so they are a great option if you are in the mood for a treat but don’t want to ruin all of your hard work!

Feel free to pin on Pinterest! It’s that good!

The above is a quick glance at the ingredients and tools needed to make keto peanut butter cheesecake fat bombs. You need 16 ounces for this recipe, which will take 1 1/3 bags of Swerve. To make these treats with the lowest carbs, here are a few ingredient suggestions for you: And if you’re counting grams of net carbs, make sure you bookmark our Net Carb Calculator to easily calculate carbs for a keto or low carb diet. Would you add some other ingredient to this cake?

If you make this recipe, I’d love for you to give it a star rating ★ below.

Or we have an easy How to Start Keto the Easy Way write up that gives you a quick outline on how to do it here too.

Thank you for sharing! Combine the cream cheese, peanut butter, and sweetener using a stand mixer or electric hand mixer until it's smooth and creamy. Required fields are marked *.

Place walnuts in a food processor and finely chop. Serving size for nutritional information is 1 buckeye.

https://amzn.to/2K28LWI but you can probably get them at your local grocery store. Taraji P. Henson on Her Cancer Scare and Her New Vegan Diet, The Mediterranean Diet Plan, Explained by Rachael Ray, Whole30 Diet Creator Shares Her Easy Recipes and Cooking Tips, What You Should Eat on the Ketogenic Diet, 3 Ways to Fight Fatigue With Your Morning Routine, Crab Rangoon Fat Bombs- Low Carb Bacon Recipe, Double Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Fat Bombs, Double Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Fat Bombs – Ketoreboot Club. Put you keto peanut butter balls into the refrigerator for about 10 minutes so that they become more solid quickly. Join our Facebook Group for more Awesome Recipes >> Join KetoReboot Club Group   VIEW ON PINTEREST, 8 oz. Santa Cruz Organic Dark Roasted Peanut Butter is the lowest in carbs that I’ve found. That’s why I’m practically obsessed with these chocolate peanut butter cheesecake fat bombs! Add the flavor or extract of your choice. Add the peanut butter, butter, sweetener, and vanilla to a mixing bowl and beat on medium speed until well combined. Add stevia and/or erythritol. After taking the shark tank keto pills on ketoslim.best for... @Aqua Man Check out Thomas delauer and snake diet. Stir in the chocolate chip by hand.

She's been a blogger for 10 years and is known for her delicious recipes and detailed recipe instructions. In a bowl, combine your peanut butter, swerve, and cream cheese.

They are almost too good to be true! If you are a fan of keto fat bombs (or balls), make sure not to miss my other recipes, such as.

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