Chamberlain Remote Control and Wireless Keypad Compatibility Chart LiftMaster® Garage Door Opener Model 8500 Owner's Manual LiftMaster Garage Door Opener Models 8550W, 8550WL, 8550WLB, 8550WLB-267, 8557W, WLED, WLED-267, 85503, 85503-267, 8587W, … If your receiver is listed below, it utilizes Security+ 315Mhz technology. Genie Remotes Guide; Liftmaster Logic Boards; Liftmaster Remotes Guide; Sears Craftsman Remotes and Logic Boards; Product Manuals. Luckily, we’ve set up a chart that lays it all out for you, but of course if you have questions, contact our support team and we’ll help you find the right remote. LiftMaster Remote Control and Keyless Entry Compatibility Find your garage door opener's LEARN Button to determine what model of remote control or keyless entry is compatible. The LEARN Button is located on either the back or the right side of the opener, near the hanging antenna wire. 700WHC, 701WHC, 1000, 2000, 4000, 4001, 5000, 710WHC, 711WHC, 1100, 2100, 4100, 4600, 5100, 7200, 8100, 8100M, CSO, 1200, 2200, 4200, 4620, 4640, 6200, 7220, 7320, 7420, 7902, 8200, 9200, 9902, 9950, 9960,CG40, PD210, PD212, PD420, PD420-2, PDPD610, PD612, PD752, PD785S, WD912K, WD922K, 41A5021, 41A5021-B, 41A5021-C, 41A5021-D, 41A5021-E, 41A5021-F, 41A5021-G, 41A5021-H, 41A5021-I, 41A5021-1, 41A5021-1B, 41A5021-1C, 41A5021-1D, 41A5021-1E, 41A5021-1F, 41A5021-1G, 41A5021-1H, 41A5021-1I, 41A5389-1, 41A5389-1C, 41A5389-1D, 41A5389-1E, 41A5483, 41A5483B, 41A5483C, 41A5483-1, 41A5483-1B, 41A5483-1C, 41A5483-4, 41A5483-4B, 41A5483-4C, 41A5507, 41A5507B, 41A5507-6, 1345, 1346, 1355, 1356, 3110, 3130, 3220, 3240, 3245, 3255, 3265, 3280, 3500, 3575, 3585, 3595, 3800, 3800P, 3800PLD, 3850, ATS2113X, ATS2113X-CX, HCT501130, LGO50113R, LGO20113XR, 41A5021-1H-315, 41A5021-1M-315, 41AB050-2, 41AB050-2M, 41AC050-1, 41AC050-1M, 41AC050-2, 41AC050-2M, 41AC075-2, 41AC075-2M, 41DB001-1, 41DB001-1M, 41DB001-2, 41DB001-2M, 41DJ001, 349544, 349544EV, HD220, HD220C, HD420EV, HD520EV, HD750WF, HD920EV, HD930EV, HD950WF, LW260C, LW2200 LW3000EV, LW5000EV, LW9000WF, PD220, PD222, PD612EV, PD752KEV, PD762EV, WD832KEV, WD850KEV, WD930EV, WD962KEV, WD962KPEV, WD962MLEV. Helpful guide for liftmaster remotes and compatibility charts for lift master garage door openers.

Click here to go to the LiftMaster section. 1040, 1045, 1046, 1050, 1055, 1056, 1060, 100WD, 200WD, 300WD, (9 DIP Switches or White, Yellow or Gray Learn Button), 1140, 1145, 1146, 1150, 1155, 1156, 1160, 110WD, 210WD, 310WD, 1240, 1245, 1246, 1250, 1255, 1260, 1260LK, 1245LK, 1270, 1280, 1000SD, 2000SD, 215WD, 220WD, 315WD, 320WD, ATS211, 985, 1000SDR, 1240R, 1245R, 1246R, 1255R, 1256R, 1265, 1280R, 2000SDR, 2110, 2220, 2245, 2255, 2575, 2280, 2500, 2500B, , 2500D, 2580, 2589, 2265, 2565, ATS211R, ATS211X, 971LM, 972LM, 973LM, 974LM, 96LM, 976LM, 977LM, 371LM, 372LM, 373LM, 373P, 374LM, 376LM, 377LM, 8065, 8075, 8155, 8165, 8355, 8355W, 8360, 8365, 8500, 8550, 8550W, 8557, 8587, 210, 350, 400, 404, 450, Cryptar, Cryptar II, Command Control, AR35, AR50, AR79, Either order External Receiver Kit or Replace Opener to use Remotes, GS7200, GS820, GS8200, GS8800, GS980, GS9800, CH125, CH130, GS-900, GG1950, GG1810, GS920, GS940, GS975, GS801, GS810A, GS815, GS210, GS250, GS940A, 3300, 12A, PRO88-S, PRO98-S, G2500, G5500, G5050, G5700, G8000, GDR9000, GX 9000, GXL1000, GXL9500, GXL9550, BlueMax, ALC70, ALC80, CM60-S, CM70-S, CM80-S, PMX60, PMX65, PMX70, PMX75, PMX80, PMX85, SP99, SP129, SP229, LAD125, LAD333, LAD555, RCD125, RCD225, RCD250, RCD500, RCD550, PMX700, PMX1200, 939 Signature, Legacy 496, Legacy 696, Passport 386, 286, Phantom 777, 4560, CMD9900-IC, PRO99-IC, ISD995, ISD1000, H800D, PRO99FN, 2060L, 2560, 3560, PRO95-2-IC, CM7600-IC, CM8600-IC, IS525, IS550, IS900, IS920, ISL950, ISL980, H4000A, H6000A, DirectLift, Aladin 1020L, ChainLift 2020L, PCG400, PCG450L, PCG500ML, PCG650L, PCG700ML, PCG800, GCG350L, GCG350ML, H2000C, PCG700FN, QuietLift 2040L, PMX300, PMX300-ICB, PMX500, PMX500-ICB, PMLD500, IC250, IC250B D/C Belt Drive Models:GPS700-IC, GPS1200-IC, Stealth, 930-CD, 950-CD Signature, 990-CD Overdrive, Python OCG510, Python OCG710, Python OCG550L, Python OCG750L, Legacy 496CD, Legacy 696CD, Legacy 696CD-B, Legacy CLD51, Phantom 777CD, ACSCTG (Type 1, 2 or 3), ACSGT (Type 1, 2 or 3), ACSRTO (Type 1, 2 or 3), B8QACSCT, B8QACST, GIT-1, GIT-2, GIT-3, G2T-1, G2T-2, G2T-3, GMI-3BL, GMIC-2BL, GIFT-390, GIFTD-390, GICT390-3, GICTD-3, GICT390, ChainLift 600 (Model 1022), ChainLift 800 (Model 2022), Relia-G 600 (Model 1024), Relia-G 800 (Model 2024), QuietLift 600 (Model 1042), QuietLift 800 (Model 2042), Standard Drive 600 (Model 1026), Legacy 800 (Model 2026), PowerLift 900 (Model 2562), G-Power 900 (Model 2564), ChainMax 1000 (Model 3022, Chain Max 1200 (Model 4022), Intelli-G 1000 (Model 3024), Intelli-G 1200 (Model 4024), SilentMax 1000 (Model 3042), Silent Max 1200 (Model 4042), PowerMax 1200 (Model 3062), PowerMax 1500 (Model 4062), Trilo-G 1200 (Model 3064), Trilo-G 1500 (Model 4064), Destiny 1200, Destiny 1500, Odyssey 1200. With so many different makes and models of openers and remotes, it’s hard to tell which remote will work with a particular opener. Compatibility Charts With so many different makes and models of openers and remotes, it’s hard to tell which remote will work with a particular opener. Note: This chart DOES NOT include Chamberlain Models. Click here to go to the Chamberlain section. Chamberlain Manuals; Digicode Manuals; Genie Manuals; GTO Mighty Mule Manuals; Liftmaster Manuals; articles. Gate Opener Remotes, Keypads, Radio Receivers, Liftmaster 1240, 1245, 1255, 215Wd, 315Wd, Liftmaster 1250, 1260, 1260LK, 220WD, 320WD. Odyssey 1000, Legacy 850, Standard Drive 650, © Copyright Garage Door Supply Company document.write(new Date().getFullYear());. You will see a ((())) symbol on all of your remote devices.

LiftMaster Accessory Compatibility Chart. These compatibility charts are designed to help you find the correct replacement remote. Use the chart below to find the compatible … Note: This chart DOES NOT include LiftMaster Models. The LiftMaster accessory compatibility chart shows which radio controls, door control panels and MyQ accessories are compatible with which technologies and learn button colors.


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