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RevxDev is being pretty immature about making an entire drama started when he created a video about some Youtuber who exploited the Trin Prime leak. Counters include who Twitch ADC is Strong or Weak Against. Super Short Stream! Many of the Call of Duty cheaters using their hacks were upset at the news. Mr Finegold called the request suspicious, threatening to expose his nipples on-stream upon reinstatement if the ban was not immediately overturned. ©2020 Digital Extremes Ltd. All rights reserved. Mr_Hufflepuff, February 12, 2016 in General Discussion, I was watching Primetime 106 when i saw a lot of players messages being deleted. Following my message I got a message from twitch saying I was permanently banned from Twitch chat. He makes rant videos : people watch them for Drama (LIKE ME :D). Twitch is the world's leading video platform and community for gamers. (!newvid), Boys go to Jupiter to get more Stupider - Seks = Eww, REACTION RANDY WATCHING VIDEOS WOAH | !social NEW VIDEO !yt, follow me right now !newvid | Twitter - @KaleiRenay, sand castle time? This was his second ban, he's been banned before. Twitch removed Mr. Gold's channel soon after the incident. These products will not be returning [to our site] in any form," the website told its users. And I quote from the Rules of the Warframe Twitch Chat. Earlier this week, Call of Duty streamer Mr. Golds was caught using a cheating program during a live stream. I got banned from twitch from writeing his name! Deal more damage to low health enemy champions. Lol. After casting a Summoner Spell, gain a short movement speed increase that allows you to pass through units. Samriddha Saha. inb4lock divine alert is way better than this. "Walky, Talky, Murder" Among Us Proximity Chat, Snowballin' - Second Place Andy (2) !TTS | !merch, Peace Love And Prosperity | !Youtube !Socials, Birthday stream: Advance Wars + mystery game??? Meanwhile, CoD players are waiting for developers to come up with a more aggressive way to deal with ongoing cheaters and hackers.

Don't you think that DE shuld put it up as an rule in the twitch rules? Statistics include Twitch's Win Rate, Play Rate and Ban Rate. Well as you see, i only saw parts of the video and i didn't think it was legit. Now he's seeking out for a scapegoat and harassing other youtube creators.

As a result of our lawsuit with Activision, we have agreed to cease development and support for all Call of Duty related products or services sold through the site. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Don't yu guys see RevxDev is leeching off the Drama here? After mass outrage from the Twitter community, Twitch has now banned … As I have understood, Rev and DE has had some sort of argument and this is how its being solved?! Also couldn't you consider the vid you watched where similar comments were being deleted as a warning? DE enforce their ToS, and if you keep going out of your way and proceed to break those rules. DrDisresepct was banned at 3:01 p.m. with his channel being removed from Twitch. In a follow-up email, Mr Finegold conceded that Grandmaster Flash would also be accepted. The first thing he does after getting unbanned : Attacking Quiette Shy directly by making fun of her Text-To-Speech and creating a parody video. Warframe and the Warframe logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes Ltd.

Maglev Creepshot said that Twitch will uphold a 14-day ban unless Mr Finegold will stop chastising players who play f3.

I had seen a video from a warframe Youtuber with the name of RevXDev where he showed twitch viewers being censured from saying anything with his name in it. Like many FPS titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Valorant, the use of hacks is a lingering problem. Sep, 03.2020. But do you agree with the way DE are handling the situation? Apex Legends Apex Legends Black Friday 2020 sale release date across all the different time zones. Takedowns on enemies grant permanent Attack Speed. "At least they asked nicely," MerK retorted. So i tryed it out myself and sure enugh my message was deleted and my twitch account banned from twitch chat. I do agree with how they are handling it, a toxic homophobe with no respect for the Devs, or other Tenno doesn't have to be put up with, as it was said before, DE is the owner of the game, and your account, they can permanently ban with or without cause. Another ongoing hack in Warzone has been seemingly endless Cluster Strikes. All of them, including the policies.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare streamer, "MrGolds" receives a ban from twitch after accidentally revealing to his fans that he was using cheats. and another thing, the supporters of the party in question are usually very aggressive and harsh, so being rude would also potentially be a reason to get muted. Considering that most people who bring up RevXDev in chat do so in an angry, accusatory, riot-starting manner based on false information they've been fed, simply preventing them from doing so at all is the quickest way to prevent the situation from getting out of hand. Seeing as most people don't actually know what's going on and listen to the lies they're fed and verbally attack/insult DE, mods, volunteers, and other users about this, the topic never ends well.

The statement was heavily criticized by the Call of Duty community, including Call of Duty League analyst and commentator Joe "MerK" DeLuca. But really; if you've been banned from the chat you can always ticket support over it, I'm not sure what kind of results you'll have. In July, CoD: Warzone developer Infinity Ward told players that "more banwaves are coming.". Twitch and Infinity Ward have banned steamers for showing cheats live on their stream before, but regarding MrGolds they are yet to take any actions. Date. All I want is to be unbanned from chat and that DE gives you a warning about the name RevXDev, just out it as a rule in the Twitch description thing, well legally speaking you have no rights on Warframe nor Twitch, both parties can ban you whenever, for no reason, without needing to provide proof, RevXDev revealed quite a few things about DE and certain people working at support that already earned respective reputations on Reddit, I still think it's unfair that they ban you from saying something thet does not brake the chat rules. But like that doesn't...nvm He brought it upon himself and he deserves it. Import Bjergsens Build into your game using Pro Builds by Blitz. © Copyright 2020 / Privacy Policy / Terms of Service, Call of Duty cheating is out of control, Activision fighting back, Riot combating AFKs in LoL with LP mitigation, earlier surrender, Evil Geniuses outlasts Team Liquid, wins ESL One Cologne 2020, Everything you need to know about China's top seed, Top Esports, G2 vs Fnatic in LEC playoffs peaks at almost 900,000 viewers, beats Evil Geniuses to make Omega League playoffs, These are the best Spike planting locations on Split, Team SoloMid takes out Cloud9, secures spot in LoL Worlds 2020, Abilities for new champion Samira revealed on the PBE, Subroza fail leads to TSM elimination from Pop Flash Valorant event, Puppey has Team Secret looking like the best team at Omega League, Valve cancels TI10 Battle Pass Trove Carafe 2020, Omega League EU Divine sees HellRaisers, Cyber Legacy dominate, Rapper Post Malone invests more in esports, buys part of Team Envy, s1mple owns the record for best kill-death score in CSGO history, Dignitas' GeT_RiGhT says he receives death threats from fans, Immortals joins other esports orgs, postpones game in protest, MAD Lions ends Schalke miracle run in LEC, qualify for LoL Worlds, Liquid's Tactical wins the 2020 LCS Rookie of the Year award, Riot Games Korea announces 10 finalists for 2021 LCK franchises, 120 South 6th Street, Suite 900, Minneapolis, MN 55402, USA. I feel like DE might not be handling this issue in the best of ways, however no system is perfect. Arena Duos w/ Stretch | !sub CODE NOTCLIX #ad, Beating Minecraft with DailyDoseOfInternet and Fundy! League of Legends and Riot Games are trademarks or registered trademarks of Riot Games, Inc. League of Legends © Riot Games, Inc. Is it fair that DE can ban us from saying a name without warning us? Ok, here is a friendly advise to all of yu normal players who just wanna have a nice gaming experience : Don't get involved with Drama , Create Drama , or Drive Drama. A permanent ban is a little too far (unless this was repeat behavior), but I'm unfamiliar with Twitch's moderation options to know if temporary bans are an option. Trending. !merch, cozycraft #sponsored by !cyberNZXT // @AnneMunition, Among Us W/ FaZe & more! The first thing he does after getting unbanned : Attacking Quiette Shy directly by making fun of her Text-To-Speech and creating a parody video.Don't yu guys see RevxDev is leeching off the Drama here? Most people that were using the hashtag were spamming chat. Activision has not made any public statements about filing a lawsuit against the cheating website. Team SoloMid takes out Cloud9, secures spot in LoL Worlds 2020 Please read the rules of Warframe. Mentioning his name is like me yelling RIOT.


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