The National Weather Service today has two official weather stations in Oakland: Oakland International Airport and the Oakland Museum (established 1970).

The eastern span has now been replaced with a dramatic single-tower self-anchoring suspension span. The metropolitan area is served by Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) from eight stations in Oakland. Find out what statistics the population of the country, city, district on "[27], During the 1850s—just as gold was discovered in California—Oakland started growing and further developing because land was becoming too expensive in San Francisco. Despite the major increases in the number and proportion of African Americans in the city, in 1966 only 16 of the city's 661 police officers were black. 60.39% of Oakland residents speak only English, while 39.61% speak other languages. [69] On October 10, 2011, protesters and civic activists began "Occupy Oakland" demonstrations at Frank Ogawa Plaza in Downtown Oakland. For other uses, see, Oakland skyline, with the eastern span of the, 94601–94615, 94617-94624, 94649, 94659–94662, 94666, 2018 United States Census American Community Survey estimates, "The California Zephyr" from "Streamliner Schedules", original reference from the 1950 Official Guide of railroads", Children's Hospital Oakland Research Institute, allegations of misconduct by the Oakland Police Department, List of neighborhoods in Oakland, California, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, List of companies based in Oakland, California, African American Museum and Library at Oakland, William Joseph McInnes Botanic Garden and Campus Arboretum, Leona Canyon Regional Open Space Preserve, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, California's 13th congressional district, List of television stations in the San Francisco Bay Area, List of cities and towns in the San Francisco Bay Area, "The New Motown : Call it 'Oaktown.' Before being logged in the 19th century, some of the tallest redwood trees in California (used for navigation by ships entering the Golden Gate) may have stood in the Oakland Hills. The mean income for a household was US$77,888 and the mean income for a family was US$90,948. [58] In the postwar period, suburban development increased around Oakland, and wealthier residents moved to new housing. [83] Originally a marsh-lined wildlife haven, Lake Merritt was dredged and bordered with parks from the 1890s to the 1910s. [185], OUSD test scores historically lag behind the rest of California, in particular due to a high proportion of English-language learners. [84] Oakland's climate is typified by the temperate and seasonal Mediterranean climate. The 10k Plan, which began during former mayor Elihu Harris' administration, and intensified during former mayor Jerry Brown's administration resulted in several thousand units of new multi-family housing and development. David Goll. [126] In 2014, Oakland was the fifth ranked city for tech entrepreneurs by total venture capital investment. Manufacturing Trucks Adjacent to the Lincoln Highway: Fageol Truck and Coach Company. By ethnicity, 26.5% of the total population is Hispanic-Latino (of any race) and 73.5% is Non-Hispanic (of any race). With a 2020 population of 1,120, it is the 209th largest city in Oklahoma and the 9862nd largest city in the United States. Two underwater tunnels, the Webster and Posey Tubes, connect the main island of Alameda to downtown Oakland, coming above ground in Chinatown.

Jean Quan was elected mayor in November 2010, beating Don Perata and Rebecca Kaplan in the city's first ranked choice balloting. Non citizens include legal permanent residents (green card holders), international students, temporary workers, humanitarian migrants, and illegal immigrants. The Oakland Athletics MLB club won three consecutive World Series championships in 1972, 1973, and 1974, and appeared in another three consecutive World Series from 1988 to 1990, winning their fourth championship in 1989. ca. [25] Upon his death in 1842, Peralta divided his land among his four sons. Henry J. Kaiser's representatives recruited sharecroppers and tenant farmers from rural areas to work in his shipyards. After eating the squirrel, he fell ill four days later and another household member contracted the plague. Western Aerospace Museum. Explanation: Metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas as defined in March 2020 by the OMB Bulletin No. White migrants from the Jim Crow South carried their racial attitudes, causing tensions to rise among black and white workers competing for the better-paying jobs in the Bay Area.

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, an East Bay hospital system, maintains its Summit Campus in the neighborhood known as "Pill Hill" north of downtown.

The Oakland City Council has eight council members representing seven districts in Oakland with one member elected at-large and others from single-member districts; council members serve staggered four-year terms.

In 2013, there was a 33% decline in homicides from the previous year, allowing Oakland to record its lowest homicide count since 2004. [199] The Oakland City Council reaffirmed the bike plan in 2005, revised it in 2007, and reaffirmed it in 2012. [174] That total for 2016 still constitutes a 29% drop in homicides when compared to the city's reported murders for 2012. Oakland is currently growing at a rate of. [92], White Americans remain the largest racial/ethnic group at either 35.1% (including White Hispanics) or 29.0% (excluding White Hispanics).

The city's greater divisions include downtown Oakland and its greater Central Business District, Lake Merritt, East Oakland, North Oakland, West Oakland, and the Oakland Hills. [26] The portion of the parcel that is now Oakland was called Encinar (misrendered at an early date and carried forward as "encinal") —Spanish for "oak grove"—due to the large oak forest that covered the area, which eventually led to the city's name. (The building still exists, but like the rest of the Bay Area, it has shifted northwest perhaps 0.6 meters in the last twenty years.). [72], Oakland is the second U.S. city, after Denver, to decriminalize psilocybin mushrooms.

The U.S. Oakland City Hall was evacuated after the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake until US$80M seismic retrofit and hazard abatement work was complete in 1995. Galleries exist in various parts of Oakland, with the newest additions centered mostly in the Uptown area. [140] Oakland has also increased its travel destination allure internationally.


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