I gave her a larger piece than usual, and she chuckled and patted herself. As soon as we recognize the part of sensation, we have no reason to deny the common-sense position that each piece of experience has its own quality, which is modified indefinitely by the relations in which it stands. After discussing the structure of the eye he gives an experiment in which the appearance of the reversed images of outside objects on a piece of paper held in front of a small hole in a darkened room, with their forms and colours, is quite clearly described and explained with a diagram, as an illustration of the phenomena of vision. One piece of good sense would be more memorable than a monument as high as the moon. It was hardly possible that the piece could survive such notices; and if it did not? He turned his attention to the fire and tucked another piece of bark into the bright coals. He treats Edith like a piece of the furniture—bangs her around too, I guess.


When she'd touched him in the alley, she'd left a piece of herself within him. The goddess Athena herself superintended its construction, and inserted in the prow a piece of oak from Dodona, which was endowed with the power of speaking and delivering oracles. The silken textures which at first found their way to Rome were necessarily of enormous cost, and their use by men was deemed a piece of effeminate luxury. At the same time a class of men arose interested in these forms for their own sake, professional lawyers Bence, but also "poisons, nay destroys, the divinest feeling in man, the sense of truth," and the belief in sacraments such as the Lord's Supper, a piece of religious materialism of which "the necessary consequences are superstition and immorality.

Silver oxide, mixed as a paint and spread on the surface of a piece of glass and heated, gives a permanent yellow stain.

All I want is a chance to speak my piece. The chief imports are cotton piece goods, cotton twist, salt, sugar, provisions, railway materials, raw cotton, metals, coal, tobacco, spices and kerosene oil. He adlibbed a ridiculous story of wanting do a magazine piece on Shipton and began to flatter the listener, saying he was recommended as a prime source of accurate information. About a mile east of the village is a small piece of moorland called the Bossenno, from the bocenieu or mounds with which it is covered; and here, in 1874, the explorations of James Miln, a Scottish antiquary, brought to light the remains of a Gallo-Roman town. The human named Deidre had to have it with her, a trinket or piece of jewelry with sentimental value that she never took off. The silver coins were of 20, 10, 5, 2, I and 2 piastre in value, the 20-piastre piece weighing 24.055 grammes, .830 fine. (transitive, usually with together) To assemble (something real or figurative).

The plant is readily propagated by cuttings, a piece of the stem bearing buds at its nodes will root rapidly when placed in sufficiently moist ground. His first dramatic piece, Lethe, or Aesop in the Shades, which he was thirty-seven years later to read from a splendidly bound transcript to King George III. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website.

, Although lengthy, we had no other choice but to assemble the dresser piece by piece.

To prevent leakage over the surface of the insulating covering of the wire which projects above the surface of the water, it is necessary to employ a " guard wire P, which consists of a piece of fine copper wire, twisted round the extremity of the insulated wire and connected to the battery. Dropping to the ground, she plucked a piece of grass and tucked it between her lips as she leaned back against the old apple tree. Leave me in peace, his looks seemed to say.

You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. She wasn't going to feel bad about a piece of jewelry. 513 seq. She stretched out on her stomach and absently poked a piece of straw into her mouth.

I'm just looking for a piece of paper and pencil. At this time the podestd's palace (the Bargello) was built, and the gold florin was first coined and soon came to be accepted as the standard gold piece throughout Europe. An oblate flattened body, like a disk or plate, has c 2 -c 1 negative, so that the medium steers the body axially; this may be verified by a plate dropped in water, and a leaf or disk or rocket-stick or piece of paper falling in air. She dropped the piece of toast and darted out the front door, locking it behind her.

303. Claudette was going to get a piece of her mind. It's a piece of family history as well as a legacy. I will share small piece of my pie, but I will not give the whole pie away.

It can be shown 3 that in a uniform field an elongated piece of any non-crystalline material is in stable equilibrium only when its length is parallel to the lines of force; for diamagnetic substances, however, the directing couple is exceedingly small, and it would hardly be possible to obtain a uniform field of sufficient strength to show the effect experimentally.

Immediately preceding this very piece in his collected works is a carol written in terms of the utmost simplicity. From them it was purchased by the English in 1690, the purchase including not only the fort but the adjacent towns and villages "within ye randome shott of a piece of ordnance.".

He wondered what she would think if she knew he had never tried to publish a single piece of music. This quantity is wrapped in the inner cover, an oblong piece of leaf the length of the cigar to be made, and of width sufficient to enclose the whole material.

II represents the arrangement fitted to the Neptune log; with the Cherub log, a small piece of line is introduced between the governor and the eye of the register. Then, by the use of another piece of platinum as anode, mercury is electrolytically deposited upon the platinum, which may also be amalgamated by making it white hot in a Bunsen flame and plunging it in mercury. On placing a piece of potash on a platinum plate, connected to the negative of a powerful electric battery, and bringing a platinum wire, connected to the positive of the battery, to the surface of the potassium a vivid action was observed: gas was evolved at the upper surface of the fused globule of potash, whilst at the lower surface, adjacent to the platinum plate, minute metallic globules were formed, some of which immediately inflamed, whilst others merely tarnished. How To Use Piece In A Sentence? For this reason every piece of pressed glass-ware, as soon as it is liberated from the mould, is exposed to a sharp heat in a small subsidiary furnace in order that the ruffled surface may be removed by melting. I lost sight of my mission, she said, grateful for the one piece of advice she could stomach. Although lengthy, we had no other … He had no pencil, but there was a piece of black charcoal on the hearth. reproductive system; C, Cirrus; H, hooks on the ventral sucker; I, small piece of the intestine to show its connexion with the reproductive organs by the narrow duct that passes from it to the union of the vaginae; M, mouth; 0, ovary; S, oral sucker; SC, sucker; SH, shell-gland; T, Testis; U, uterus; V, vaginal pore; Y, yolkgland. All Rights Reserved, 150 More Commonly Mispelled Misspelled Words in English.

Each block formed a piece of the quay wall 12 ft. A piece of leaden water-pipe found in the house bears NER. noun.

But the record is by no means all of one piece or of one date.

When chewed a small piece is wrapped up in a leaf of the betel vine or pan, with a pellet of shell lime or chunam; and in some cases a little cardamom, turmeric or other aromatic is added.

He could tell his left leg was bleeding through his long bike pants and his head felt rattled but in one piece.

- Colony of Bougainvillea distinct types of budding are fruticosa, natural size, attached to the found, which are best deunderside of a piece of floating timscribed in botanical terminober. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com.

It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. During the World War he served with the headquarters staff of the British army in France (1916-7), attaining the rank of colonel, and later was Director of Information under the Prime Minister (1917-8), and his History of the War (Nelson) was an admirable piece of work. It is collected in accordance with a register of property (cadastre) drawn up for the most part in the first half of the 19th century, dealing with every piece of property in France, and giving its extent and value and the name of the owner.


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