And Dante from FMA 2003 , she was a very powerful one ? She has the power to Requip, it allows her to swap weapons and armors simultaneously. She was the first Deadman, a human with enhance immune system. IGN has rated Motoko as one of the greatest anime characters of all time on two separate occasions, in 2009 and 2014, stating,  "though she may be cool, professional, and mostly artificial, she's unquestionably human.”. What she lacks in height, she makes up for tenfold in ability and strength. With busty babes, giggling gaggles of schoolgirls, and an abundance of ever-so-short skirts and skimpy outfits, many outsiders may unfairly judge the genre. Making her an all around powerful character with lots of discipline.
HOW ABOUT KAGUYA FROM NARUTO SERIES YA KNOW! Turning the opponent to stones and dealing damage by using her strength is her way of dealing with the opponents.

none of these characters will stand a chance against Ultimate Madoka, and she is invincible, and nothing can touch her, she is also religion called Madokaism. But, his adopted sister Mikasa Ackerman doesn't have that luxury to rely on. Eventually, Lucy's Vectors grow long and powerful enough to cause explosions and sink country-sized land masses, potentially making her humanity's biggest threat. After she converts the Clow Cards to Sakura Cards, Sakura ultimately becomes even more powerful than Clow Reed himself, making her the world's greatest magician. The anime world is so exciting, and these female characters add their excellence in a much better way. is the strongest member of the Night Raid, a group focused on reconnaissance and assassination. Chihiro is like many of Hayao Miyazaki’s leading ladies in that she experiences a huge amount of character development, gains confidence throughout her journey, and is part a healthy coming of age story that young girls can learn a lot from. After Madoka resets the universe, Akemi's power over time becomes power over people's memories instead, and her shield a black bow. Draco vs. Snape: Who Really Deserved A Redemption Arc? In the first episode of the short series, she runs over Naota with her bright yellow Vespa and hits him in the head with a guitar. Making her a tough character to defeat like Super Buu. Sea Empress Armor – this armor gives Erza resistance to Water magic and she can also use Water magic with this. This is not your ordinary steel katana, though. Motoko is a very physically strong and incredibly intellectual who that is quick-witted and an excellent hacker. Despite relationship issues, she refused to abandon her music career for a man. Fuu also has a pet flying squirrel named Momo. Without the cards, Sakura can still sense magical presences, has enhanced senses, clairvoyance and dreams that predict the future. Having a pair of eyes that can make her literally kill anything (even disease and God? She is also the second youngest ninja to create her own jutsu and was the fastest as preparing it for combat. His feats of physical strength and speed, along with his ability to generate horrifying, gleaming beams of light from his body at will make him one heck of a bastard to face in a fight to the death. I actually stated above that this list is the strongest female anime character I KNOW.

It's hard to measure up to a Saiyan, but Dragon Ball's Android 18 has shown her metal mettle time and time again. At first it might seem boring, typical and not that “great”.

She can transform into a black cat. Sophie is a relatable heroine who, through stepping out of her comfort zone and entering a world she’s not used to, is able to awaken her magical abilities that she never knew she had. Elfen Lied is the controversial anime that inspired Eleven's character in Stranger Things. After being discovered, she is invited to stay in a room at the Sohma estate. She can move fast enough to leave an after-image behind and defeat multiple foes instantaneously, earning her the nickname: "Flash Goddess.".

Post-fruit, she became able to absorb any technique, and if she does get hit, she can self-heal. She is considered to be one of the Hero Association's strongest heroes as well as the most powerful esper in the One Punch Man universe. Olivia Armstrong , lan fan , izumi Curtis ?? Some of which are either new, unheard of, unpopular or deserve some credit!

Like Chihiro of Spirited Away and several other heroines from Studio Ghibli films before her, Sophie Hatter from Howl’s Moving Castle is an endearing, interesting, and very likable character. Fuu is the one of the lead characters in the series Samurai Champloo. She was capable to send a man 300 meters away just with an open hand attack...........if it's not strength this........ Where is Sakura or any female from Naruto, Violet Evergarden be the warrior equivalent to Mikasa Ackerman, Violet is very fluid and fast in motion, one shotting multiple people at once, and able to take on a legion of people in the midst of a forest fire.

She became obsessed with Gray Fullbuster after they battle during the war between Phantom Lord Guild and the Fairy Tail Guild. She is a famous man-hater, except for Luffy.

Still thank you for the feedback, I appreciate it. But not all of the female characters are like this. She is just that awesome. 2. oh by the way she also defeated sherry.

Bleach is bursting with stupidly powerful people, but if we had to pick one female character, it's got to be Shihouin Yoruichi.

But, her real skill lies in swords.

With just a touch, Uraraka can nullify the effects of gravity on a person or object, rendering them helpless as they float upwards. Flight Armor - this armor increases Erza’s speed. You better think twice before you mess with her. Morgiana (Magi: Labyrinth of Magic) and Yuki Nagato (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya). But she does acknowledge her human side, which makes her a little more sympathetic. Akame’s a skilled assassin with years of training and discipline in the art of battle. Anime is filled with incredible fighters, but so far, the majority of them are male. Apart from her use of lightning, she's best known for her speed. So for example – each weapon is able to do multiple things. Not easily but she would tho fr.. and 18 from dragon ball super/dragon ball z. I'm surprised that Kefla isn't on this list from Dragon Ball Super. Find out below. Morgianna and erza are so much alike. Once Sakura captures a card, its power becomes hers to wield. She can also use the 3D Manuever Gear excellently. In Kill La Kill, Rayo Kiruin is the CEO of the Revocs Corporation, Chair of Honnoji Academy and the secret evil mastermind behind everything. Attack on Titan is really the Eren Jaeger show, and sure -- being able to grow a giant, fleshy exoskeleton is a pretty neat trick.

Nana's endured her share of garbage in her life. She is the third person who joined Haruhi Suzumiya in her club called the S.O.S. They are always saved by the main male protagonist. She's also the only Solar System Senshi immune to turning evil. Rei being an expert spear wielder and Saeko an expert swordswoman.

Related: The Best Kuroko Shirai Quotes You Have To See. Like a Saiyan, she can fly and perform a large array of energy-based attacks. Or is it a strong personality, the ability to persevere, being a good role model… Or something else? And, when we say "elderly," we're talking over 500 years-old in her case. Heaven's Wheel Armor - with this armor she can summon over 200 different weapons and she can fly while fighting. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development.
She’s not only able to teleport herself at incredible speeds… She can teleport any object or person she chooses to. When she does let go, her true nature is triggered -- usually when her friends' lives are threatened. Only a fool would dare cross the Tornado of Terror.


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