4.0 out of 5 stars 3 ratings. Fragrant roasted whole almonds are generously coated either with smooth creamy milk chocolate (Milk), rich white chocolate (White) or dark bitter chocolate, coated lightly with powdered sugar (Black). £ 0.12. Would you recommend using more or rather less heavy cream? loyalty points. 1-Day Delivery Lead Time 1-Day Pickup Lead Time. ROYCE' Chocolate. Rich and smooth blend of the choicest milk chocolate and fresh cream. Storage Temperature: 10°C or below Shelf Life: 1 month Content: 20pcs (125g) Highly... A selection of treats to spread the Christmas cheer, the festive Royce' Happy Selection is filled with 28 pieces and 6 varieties of popular Royce' products, including seasonal specials like Potechi Crunch Chocolate and Strawberry Cream Chocolate Wafers as well... A classic Christmas choice, the Royce' Christmas Selection is filled with 31 pieces and 15 varieties of the finest, most beloved Royce' treats, including special seasonal items like Christmas Cookies and Petit Kurumaro Chocolat, as well as all-time favourites like... A sophisticated ruby red tin box generously filled with 66 pieces and 10 varieties of chocolate treats, including Potechi Crunch Chocolate and nutty chocolate favourites like Macadamia Chocolate and Nutty Bar Chocolate. “A little bit of sweetness can drown out a whole lot of bitterness.”. Just a quick question: Why do you use 200 ml of heavy cream per 400 g dark chocolate for the ROYCE Copy Cat recipe but only 125 ml of heavy cream per 400 g white chocolate for the Matcha Nama Choco? A harmonious blend of the sweetness of white chocolate and the bitterness of green tea, this fragrant green-hued Nama boasts... © 2020 ROYCE’ CHOCOLATE MALAYSIA. (tax incl. Sự kết hợp giữa trà xanh Nhật Bản cao cấp và chocolate trắng. This item has a shelf life of at least 45 days from the date of purchase. ), Sign up to receive latest news and updates direct to your inbox, 【Pre-Order Discount】Royce Nama Chocolate Champagne, 【Pre-Order Discount】Royce Fruit Bar Chocolate, 【Pre-Order Discount】Royce Nama Chocolate White, 【Pre-Order Discount】Royce Nama Chocolate Au Lait, 【Pre-Order Discount】Nama Chocolate Ghana Bitter, 【Pre-Order Discount】Royce Nutty Bar Chocolate, 【Pre-Order Discount】Royce Nama Chocolate Mild Cocoa, 【Pre-Order Discount】Royce Matcha Bar Chocolate, All Pre-Order products will be dispatched in early December, Pre-order products will be separated by the system automatically, so the shipping fee may be different. My colleagues Loved loved it! An award-winning chocolate, Nama Au Lait was rated the No.1 Omiyage in 2013 in Japan. Free Shipping Within KL & Selangor City Centre throughout CMCO! Combined with lemon puree, sweet kirsch liqueur and a hint of cinnamon, this delicate Nama has a fresh aftertaste. ⭐ Giá cả và danh mục sản phẩm ROYCE' có thể khác so với website tại các cửa hàng miễn thuế ở sân bay, Giấy CNĐKDN: 0313716881 – Ngày cấp: 25/03/2016 (Thay đổi lần thứ 04, ngày 05/03/2018), Cơ quan cấp: Phòng Đăng ký kinh doanh – Sở kế hoạch và Đầu tư TP.HCM, Địa chỉ đăng ký kinh doanh: Số 10, đường 23, khu phố 2, Phường Bình An, Quận 2, TP.HCM, @ COPYRIGHT 2019 CÔNG TY TNHH JALUX V LOTUS, B2-24, 92-94 Nam Kỳ Khởi Nghĩa, Quận 1, TP. Inspired by the popular Kir Royale cocktail, a blend of Champagne and Crème De Cassis (a blackcurrant-flavoured liqueur), this creamy Nama Chocolate features the rich taste of chocolate made from fresh Hokkaido cream with underlying fruity notes of blackcrrant. Contains liquor. Vị maccha đậm đặc và sự mịn màng của choco sẽ làm bạn thỏa mãn từ miếng cắn đầu tiên. Ingredients: 250g Couverture White Chocolate, chopped 10g Unsalted Butter 75ml Whipping Cream 1.5Tbsp Matcha Powder Directions: Line a 6-inch square mould with parchment paper and set aside. Allergens: Wheat, egg, milk, soy, tree nuts 12 pieces per box Through acquiring the best techniques and enriching our experience, we are able to make chocolate of world-class quality in Hokkaido where the climate and the clean air are ideal for making confections. Your cart will total 12 All Rights Reserved, We use cookies to ensure we deliver the best web experience possible.Cookie Setting Privacy Policy, Total products By buying this product you can collect up to 12

Add to Cart. Best Before Date: More than 5 days. A harmonious blend of the sweetness of white chocolate and the bitterness of green tea, this fragrant green-hued Nama boasts a refreshing flavour with a clean finish. Purists will love the Matcha Chocolate (P650/32 pieces)—perfectly-portioned squares of matcha-flavored chocolate that are equally earthy and creamy. Free shipping, 30 Days Returns and 2 year Warranty. ... Nama Chocolate Matcha blends white chocolate with matcha powder and an abundance of fresh Hokkaido cream. $99 Free Shipping. All Rights Reserved. Filled with fragrant semi-milk chocolate and the gianduja of hazelnuts and almonds, Nutty Bar Chocolate has a rich hazelnut aroma. Established in 1983 in Hokkaido, ROYCE' chocolates have been available in Singapore since 2001. The cacao and richness of fresh Hokkaido cream melt together in an exquisitely balanced chocolate suitable for adults, children... An eye-opening addictive combination of salty-sweet, this is the most popular ROYCE’ product in Japan. When blended with the natural sweetness of chocolate as well as... Our bestselling liquor-free flavour, Nama Mild Cacao is a soft ganache milk chocolate which expresses the original outstanding flavour of cocoa. ROYCE' Power Plant Mall Shop Stall 318A R3 Powerplant Mall, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Philippines TEL: +63-2-984-8698. Rich and smooth blend of the choicest milk chocolate and fresh cream. Storage Temperature: Below 25°C Shelf Life: 3 month Content: 25 pieces [custom tab] Ingredients:... Nama Cheesecake blends smooth white chocolate with cream cheese from Tokaichi, Hokkaido for a unique rich flavour. The savoury nuttiness and creamy milk chocolate (42% cacao) blend harmoniously to create a very satisfying treat. Crunchy, finger-sized maccha chocolate bars packed with macadamia nuts, pecans, cashews, almonds and crispy puffs. The chocolate’s sweetness and potato chips’ salty... Crunchy, finger-sized chocolate bars packed with almonds, cashews, pecans, macadamias, almond puffs and cookie crunch.

ROYCE' Chocolate.

Ingredients: cream , cocoa mass , sugar , cocoa butter , whole milk powder , cocoa powder , skim milk powder , lactose , flavoring agents , emulsifier ( soy derived ), 2019 www.uksnacksbox.com. An exquisite balance of moderately sweet milk chocolate (42% cacao) and fragrant rum-soaked raisins generously sprinkled throughout, this bar chocolate highlights... Distinctively aromatic, this milk chocolate bar is filled with crunchy roasted whole almonds scattered generously all over its entire length. Manila. Over the years, ROYCE’ has become known for crafting unique chocolate products and exquisite Japanese chocolates, candies, and confections such as Nama (“fresh”), matcha (green tea) chocolates, and Potatochip Chocolates that are now enjoyed in over 14 countries, including the United States. These light and crispy golden-baked coconut cookies are coated with fragrant milk chocolate on one side, and individually wrapped in special Christmas packaging - perfect for sharing during Yuletide festivities! Royce Nama Chocolate Matcha. Chocolate Covered Potato Chips. ROYCE' Matcha Bar Chocolate (12pcs) $120.00. The crispy and light texture of ridged potato chips are coated with creamy milk chocolate on one side. Contains Liquor Storage Temperature:... An assortment of Amande Chocolat in a variety of flavours. Photo from @roycechocolateph.

points that can be converted into a voucher of Matcha Chocolate or Green Tea Chocolate is white nama chocolate with an herbal aroma and the bittersweet finish of real green tea leaves. The superior Matcha chocolate So worth every single $40 I spent! If you're looking for an even creamier treat, go for the Nama Chocolate Matcha (P630), which has chocolate mixed with fresh cream and a touch of brandy for a melt-in-your-mouth experience.


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