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Rich in nutrients you will find most … The 10 Best Canned Sardines … Having fishes in your regular diet is honestly a great choice. “Salt-packed sardines have a deeper and ‘rustic’ flavor that goes well with salads and vegetable combinations,” he says.

A good combination of taste and health would be sardines fishes. Now we understand with the busy life we lead, it’s not easy to cook fish from the top. Sardines make a good substitute for mackerel, salmon or tuna. For the smaller sized fish, King Oscar canned sardines offer the most flavor, and pieces per can.

The largest sized sardines are the Brunswick sardine …

They are great served atop a homemade Caesar salad or mixed with quick-pickled veggies and piled high on a toasted baguette.

That’s why there are canned sardines available now.

Atlantic sardines in oil provide 1 1/2 times the calcium in an 8-oz. All the boneless and skinless varieties offer a comparable number per pack. For average sized sardines, Nuri, Matiz, and Wild Planet are good options with 3-5 sardines per can.


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