We pre-cookEd the cabbage a little because the cooking time would be less with pieces than a whole chicken.

Our 3lb chicken was perfect and the cabbage was simply divine. I scaled down the recipe to feed two with no leftovers. So easy and so so delicious. Thanks for sharing. Next time I’ll try to squeeze in more cabbage. The photos look stunning. Your email address will not be published. – Yum! I wouldn’t slice the cabbage thinner. This is definitely a keeper. Do you see in the photo with the raw chicken, the one with the skillet ready to go into the oven?

Good tip re: Apple cider vin!!! Simple but very tastsy.

Trying to make it for Christmas Eve dinner but would love to assmble so I can just put in the oven after we come home from Church.

Fantastic! I could not find cabbage for the life of my in the grocery store, so I made on a bed of yukon potatoes and slices of yellow onion and it was amazing. This was easy and as beautiful as the picture. I bet it would be divine topped with bacon and blue cheese…or any kind of cheese for that matter. I figured out a way to double the goodness: If it’s done before the cabbage looks good, return the cabbage to the oven until it’s dark and caramelized.

I have it open on my computer to remember to make it myself this weekend. Mar 29, 2018 - A few weeks ago — although, you can imagine, it feels like it’s been much, much longer* — I learned bout something called melting potatoes and had to make them immediately. What I don’t have, though, is a mandoline (yet!).

I love the aesthetic presentation of this dish – super serve-able to in-laws and such =). Fantastic color on those potatoes. I want to pluck those crisped, browned edges right out of the photo and munch away :). I swear by this frying pan (I’ve had mine for 16 years and plan to keep it forever), this thermometer, and this spatula. Kristin, I just cut a bunch of Brussels sprouts in half and tossed them in with the potatoes. I borrowed my mom’s mandoline (must get one!) -the next day, slice some more cabbage, put it in the pan, smoosh around then flip over. Paid better “attention” I’m assuming? Unbelievably yummy! Definitely a keeper. The only problem is there’s not enough cabbage! I was torn between this recipe and your newest Potatoes Anna teaser recipe from your new cookbook, but ended up making this one for the aesthetics of it and because my rental broiler is pathetic and I didn’t hold high hopes for browning. I’ll try packing them in tight in the pan. Love you and thanks for all my favorite recipes. Thanks for the recipe. And I went with a smaller cabbage, because historically we can never finish a large cabbage in our small family, but OMG. This may in fact be the best thing since Cape Cod potato chips (which I will greedily consume whenever available). It’s gorgeous. Yours looks beautiful, nicely browned/caramelized. Hold up, my 2.5-year-old is asking for 3rd helpings of the chicken. Yum!!! I made it tonight for me and my husband, and we LOOOOOOVED IT!! Remove the skillet from the oven, and sprinkle with the thyme and zest, and drizzle with the lemon juice. This little west coast girl couldn’t be happier! Whether it’s simply lightly stir fried with garlic, made into kimchi, cabbage rolls, cabbage soup…. I will definitely make this again. The skin over the breasts and drums was wonderfully crisp and golden brown, but the thighs not so much. Can’t wait to try this one out!

Thanks so much deb you’re my favorite and happy holidays! (I now have good reason to fear them but this recipe is well worth it!). I am a chicken soup pro LOL.

And double it.

If you have one of those apple-peeler-corer thingys you could use it to prep your spuds. In a word, it was wonderful.

Fantastic. Basically, this is your recipe with the addition of a cheesy, creamy sauce, in which you toss the potatoe slices pre- stacking step. sometimes when i mandoline potatoes like this, the starch sets up and no matter HOW long i bake them, they stay weirdly firm. I made this tonite based on my daughter’s rave review. So beautiful. I don’t have a whole chicken to hand and not going shops for a while! Thanks for jogging my memory, now I know what potato dish to make tomorrow! I have a worry that the slices won’t spread from each other as nicely as yours, the starch gluing them together here and there.


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